O.J. Simpson, former NFL player
He starred in one of the most polarizing trials in U.S. history. Photo: @NetWorthSpace

O.J. Simpson is now a free man

Although it was not planned to happen before 2022, Simpson was released early for having a record of good behavior.


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In June 1994, millions of people in the United States stopped to watch a live broadcast of a police chase involving one of the country's sports superstars of the time. The one fleeing patrols down a Los Angeles avenue in a white Ford Bronco was O.J. Simpson, who would later be formally charged with murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ronald Goldman.

At the trial, which remains one of the most polarizing in the history of the United States, covered by thousands of journalists from around the world, Simpson, who always claimed to be innocent, was acquitted on the murder charges in a decision that almost 30 years later continues to arouse controversy.

The murder of Brown and Goldman took place inside her residence, and while two children slept in their rooms.

Crimes in Las Vegas

Although Simpson, who had also stood out in Hollywood, managed to escape prison by not being found guilty of the double homicide, in 2008, he was sent to jail in Las Vegas accused of having carried out an armed robbery. It was a charge also added to a kidnapping one.

O.J. Simpson, exjugador de la NFL

In 2007, the ex-football player, in the company of five other men, raided a casino hotel in the capital of Nevada, aggravated by having forcibly detained two dealers of sports collectibles. Both had items Simpson claimed belonged to him.

"Good behavior"

O.J.'s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, who did not reveal any details about Simpson's future, told reporters that his client is a "completely free" man now.

Although Simpson's parole was not expected to come before February 2022, the Nevada Parole Board advanced the decision on the grounds of good behavior.

The former star, who only served nine years in prison, has been living in a Las Vegas gated community since 2017.


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