Stamp collection.
Tribute to a beloved Mexican tradition. Photo: Thomas — Pixabay.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Check the new U.S. postage stamps

There are four stamps that are currently available to purchase online.


Mourning in Colombia

A Latino in the Stars

Hispanic Role Model

A Latino Storyteller

Pau Gasol enters the HOF

The G.O.A.T. comes to Philly

New opportunity for JJ Barea

The Gala Headliners


The United States Postal Service recently launched its latest special edition of postage stamps that honor Latino culture and traditions.

As a special tribute in the framework of Hispanic Heritage Month, the 4 stamps presented show colorful piñatas, a tradition of Latino origin that is currently a global festivity symbol used in any party.

Cesáreo Moreno, chief curator at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, gave declarations to Associated Press (AP) shared by NBCNews:

Culture has no borders. Wherever community gathers, they have their culture with them. They bring it with them and so the piñata is no different.

In addition to honoring Hispanic heritage, this new special edition postage stamp also hints at the start of an annual festival in New Mexico where handmade holiday favorites are unsealed every hour and children can learn the art of gluing together their own creations.


According to Postal Service, the stamps were inspired by the childhood memories of graphic designer Víctor Meléndez, who grew up in Mexico City and remembers spending days with cousins and other family members making piñatas to celebrate ‘Las Posadas.’

“That’s a dear, dear memory of just fun and happiness. And I wanted to show a little bit of that and pay homage to some of those traditions,” noted Meléndez.

The artwork of Meléndez, who is known for his murals and design work for Starbucks, is also influenced by the colors of houses in Mexico: Bright pinks and deep blues, yellows and oranges.

Meléndez also stated that he hopes the new stamps will start conversations and encourage people to learn about other cultures.

“In the end, I feel that there must be a connection and there must be some sort of mutual understanding. That eventually leads to better relations and more people being happy without fighting,” added the Mexican artist. 

This marks the third consecutive year that the United States Postal Service has issued a collection of stamps dedicated to Hispanic culture. Previous collections highlighted mariachi music and the ‘Día de los Muertos.’

Click here to purchase the stamps.


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