First Lady of the U.S. next to Mexican Quarter Back Diana Flores.
The Mexican star recently accompanied the First Lady at an event in Mexico. Photo: @nflmx.

Diana Flores, the Mexican who starred for the NFL during the Super Bowl

The athlete has become one of the most important promotional figures for the league.


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During the most important sporting event in the United States, which saw the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles to claim Super Bowl LVII, Latinos also had a leading role in the broadcast.

In addition to an incredible halftime show by Rihanna, an international star born in Barbados, the NFL aired a new commercial appealing to the league's diversity policy, an ad aimed at women starring Diana Flores Arenas, captain of the Mexico's flag football team, which was crowned the flag football world champion in 2022.

Added to the prominence of Flores appearing during Super Bowl LVII as part of the Run With It campaign, there was also a segment showing the new Mexican star interacting with her mother speaking in Spanish (with English subtitles). The moment moved broadcasters in Latin America.

“This is for all the women who are driving the game forward. Proud to be part of the NFL commercial for Super Bowl LVII,” Flores wrote on Twitter.

Know the commercial

At first, everything seems to be part of the live broadcast of the event. Flores is interviewed by a journalist who, highlighting her agility, asks her if there is someone who is capable of taking her flags used in flag football.

"Surely there will be someone who can," Diana responds with a laugh. 

Immediately, the presenter tries to get closer to her and, with a sudden movement, the athlete eludes her. After a second attempt, the Mexican dodges it again and begins to run.

Throughout the commercial, which also features legendary tennis star Billie Jean King among others, Flores shows her skills as an athlete and overcomes different obstacles and people who try to snatch her flags.

At the end of the ad, when Flores is joined by other female players, the following phrase appears:

To the women pushing football forward. We can’t wait to see where you take this game.

Get to know: Diana Flores

Flores started playing flag football at eight years old after joining the Águilas Blancas team of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). She played with teenagers twice her age, and rose to be captain of North Penn High School's flag football team at 14, where she led the team to the NFL regional tournament.

After shining in the U.S., Flores returned to Águilas Blancas and won international championships in countries like Canada, France, the Dominican Republic, and Germany.

She has also excelled on the Mexican national flag football team, considered the best player in her debut match against Finland at the 2014 World Cup.

Mexico got fourth place at the 2014 tournament, and Flores returned at 18 years old to lead the Mexican team to third place at the Flag Football World Cup in Miami.

Her biggest achievement came last year, winning the gold medal at the cup.

Flores served as the offensive coordinator for the AFC team in the 2023 Pro Bowl, a game in which she worked alongside legendary quarterback Peyton Manning.

She has also been a spokesperson for flag football athletes within international bodies, including the International Olympic Committee.


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