Carla Berkowitz, new chair of the board of the Georgia Latino Film Alliance and Festival (GALFA).
The Latina executive was born in Venezuela and raised in Florida. Graphic: Mónica Hernández/AL DÍA News.

Georgia Latino Film Alliance (GALFA) appoints Carla Berkowitz as its new board chair

The Latina executive producer will occupy the chair left by former president Julie Ann Crommett.


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The Georgia Latino Film Alliance and Festival (GALFA) recently announced the appointment of Carla Berkowitz as the new chair of the board.

Berkowitz, who will work in close collaboration with the Board of Directors, will seek to strengthen support for the next generation of filmmakers, students, executives, and creators of Latino content in Georgia.

The new chair of the board said in a press release:

As the incoming chair, my unwavering passion lies in changing the narrative and shining a spotlight on the next generation of Latino filmmakers.

Great Trajectory

Contributing more than 30 years of extensive experience in the film industry as an executive producer, Berkowitz has been highlighted thanks to contributions that include her work in the independent feature film “Critical Thinking,” as well as for her important role in promoting change within the industry to give green light to Latino stories in Hollywood.

“Carla brings to the table many years of producing experience,” said Yvette Moise, President and Co-Founder of the Georgia Latino Film Alliance and Festival.

Berkowitz, who is also recognized for her fundamental role in the defense of systematic change in Hollywood and beyond, seeks to get actively involved with the local Latino creative community and establish more solid connections between her work and the entertainment industry in general.

With her recent appointment, Berkowitz seeks to strengthen Latino talent and creativity, as well as expand connections within the industry, thus offering greater opportunities for filmmakers, students, executives and creators of Latino content. 

“As a wise Latina, she possesses the knowledge and expertise to open doors for our organization and our members. We are thrilled and excited about the possibilities her leadership will bring,” added Moise.

Georgia Latino International Film Festival promo graphic. Image: GALFA.
Georgia Latino International Film Festival promo graphic. Image: GALFA.

Strengthening the mission

Born in Venezuela and raised in Florida, Berkowitz has consistently collaborated with recognized directors, such as John Leguizamo and Jon Erich García.

“Through my dedicated efforts, I aim to empower and uplift these talented individuals, transforming the industry into a rich tapestry of diverse voices and perspectives,” highlighted Berkowitz

About the Georgia Latino International Film Festival

It is the main film festival in the southeast and the only film festival led by Afro Latinos in the country, which presents directed films, produced and acted by Latinos.

“Our Mission is as relevant now as it was the day of our inception 12 years ago,” said Dr. Jose Marquez, PhD, CEO of Georgia Latino Film Alliance and Festival.

Held in the state of Georgia during Hispanic Heritage Month, it is a tribute to the contribution that the Latino community has made to the film industry for more than 125 years.

This year's edition will be held between September 21 and 24. Tickets will be on sale from July 5.

“Our goal is to educate, motivate, and empower Latino storytellers, while being a strong voice for Latinos everywhere who aspire to grow in this industry. Through showcasing art and developing visibility, we empower our young directors to combat intolerance and prejudice through the strength of storytelling,” added Márquez. 


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