John Leguízamo, Colombian-American Actor, at L'ATTITUDE Event 2023.
John Leguízamo, founder of the company, participated in L’ATTITUDE Event in Miami, FL. Photo: @LATTITUDEevent.

NGLmitú opens sprawling new studio in the heart of East Los Angeles

This news comes in addition to the premiere of new programs to amplify Latino voices with a new creative center.


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NGLmitú, the number one digital media and entertainment company for Latinos in the United States, continues its significant growth with the launch of mitúStudios, a 14,000 square foot creative space.

Serving as the main content production facility focused on the Latino population, culturally connecting advertisers, creators, and filmmakers of this community, NGLmitú has redoubled its investment in content, developing new seasons of its hit shows ‘Chica, Déjame Decirte' and '3G’s,’ as well as commissioning additional new shows.

Joe Bernard, Chief Revenue Officer of NGLmitú, stated through a press release:

Year over year, demand for Latino voices and visions is skyrocketing, both from consumers and advertisers, and the debut of our studio is part of our continued commitment to be the leader in this space, as the #1 ranked outlet in America.

Unprecedented Facilities

The new facility exemplifies the company's commitment to amplifying all generations, stories and Latino voices with a multipurpose focus on creativity, collaboration and community.

It also provides increased production capacity following the announcement of mitúTV in Apr. 2023, and serves as the production home for content funded by the NGLmitú brand with well-known and trusted names such as Stella Rosa®, Emergen-C, and others.

Located in Lincoln Heights, California, the studio offers 5 permanent and 3 semi-permanent sets, plus a full suite of production equipment and services.

“Now, we’re expanding the services we can provide to our advertising partners like Stella Rosa and Haleon, while also leveraging our capacity to create more content for consumers. NGLmitú’s combined power and market leadership is up by double digits this year and will continue to grow with the addition of this studio,” explained Bernard.

Successful Shows

Since its debut in May, ‘Chica, déjame decirte’ has had more than 6 million viewers and has featured guests, such as comedian Aida Rodríguez, Sasha Calle (The Flash), Julissa Calderón (Gentefied), Dulce Candy (Instagram), and Julissa Bermudez (BET).

'3G's' has experienced similar success, with over 11 million viewers since May, with episodes starring Frankie Quiñones (This Fool on Hulu), Oscar Miranda (TikTok), Clayton Thomas (Comedian), Elio Morillo (Space Engineer), Concrete (Rapper/Comedian), Marcella Arguello (Comedian), and Jade Catta-Preta (Hotties on Hulu).

“Our mission is to further propel mitú as the voice of current and future U.S. Latinos. These programs have resonated with audiences, and we’re excited to bring even more of them to our fans, along with new programming,” pointed out Vanessa Vigil, Chief Brand Officer at NGLmitú. 

The Value of the Latino Market

According to the company, participation in the Hispanic market, which represents $2.5 billion in purchasing power, is a necessity for many advertisers.

To meet this demand, NGLmitú leverages deep cultural insights to develop branded content that addresses the nuances of today's Latino consumer, one who lives at the intersection of being 100% American and 100% Latino.

“Having a creative studio in the heart of our community is the physical manifestation of our commitment to authentic representation and Latino storytelling. Our founder John Leguizamo has long been a champion for this community, and now we’re taking it to the next level with a studio by and for Latinos,” underscored Vigil. 

With more than 2 decades of experience serving and redefining the U.S. Hispanic market, NGLmitú is among the top 20 media companies reaching Latinos through video.

The studio is a mecca of creativity, including original series for mit​​úTV, a 24-hour bilingual English-language channel aimed at filling a void in Hispanic television programming.


The now-opened mitúStudios serves as the home of NGLmitú's creative collaborations with a multitude of brands and creators. Some recent and soon-to-launch prominent examples include:

  • Highlighting Stella Rosa® Wines as the ultimate summer drink, Hispanic Kitchen and FIERCE curated the "Summer Grill and Chill" campaign featuring original recipes made with the Hispanic Kitchen flare. The campaign included lifestyle content that emphasized the brand's diverse consumer and encouraged celebrating with Stella Rosa® Wines.
  • Partnering with Maffio and Leli Hernandez to create an original beat and song sampling new Emergen-C Crystals, which was brought to life via a stylized performance.

In addition to hosting press conferences with esteemed Latino actors and musicians, such as Sasha Calle, Xolo Maridueña, Mariah Angelique and La Dame Blanche, the studio also hosts community and industry events like the FIERCE x Legalmiga Legal Workshop for small business owners, that helped educate Latina small business owners on how to navigate legal options and best practices.

Embracing its commitment to amplifying Latino storytelling and creativity, mitúStudios now invites Latino creators and filmmakers to collaborate in the dynamic space to help bring their ideas and stories to screens, particularly on mitúTV.

"This isn’t just about fostering new creators and outreach to Hollywood. This is about empowering the next generation of Latin voices, while also building stronger bridges to the established Hollywood community. Latino engagement cannot be seen as a ‘plus factor,’ but instead as an essential part of any content creation and promotional strategy. Latinos are not ‘another’ audience. They are the audience,” concluded Vigil.


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