VME tv talk show Un Cafecito Sin Nervios
Openly talking about mental health. Photo: Newswire news.

'Un cafecito Sin Nervios,' Vme TV's special for Latino children to talk openly about their emotional well-being

The program is aimed at high school students, parents, teachers and education leaders.


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Un Cafecito Sin Nervios, A Conversation on Protecting Our Middle Schoolers' Mental Health is an upcoming special broadcast on Vme TV on Sunday, March 26 at 3 p.m., that will be a space for Latino youth to talk about their mental well-being.

Part of the Ad Council and Pivotal Ventures' Sound It Out campaign, the program will use the power of music to help parents and caregivers have meaningful conversations with their children about their emotional health.

Michael Fernández, VP of Marketing for Vme TV, noted:

Middle school can be a challenging and stressful time for many children. Our program aims to provide valuable information and resources to parents and families, so they can better understand and support their children’s mental health needs.

A must-see cafecito

The nationally-televised special seeks to raise awareness about the current mental health crisis among Latino youth in the United States.

According to CDC data, shared by Vme TV, young adolescents (aged 10-14) are experiencing higher rates of mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, but many are not getting the help or resources they need.

“The Latino community is significantly more affected due to the misconceptions surrounding mental health,” underlined Vme TV

According to the CDC, young adolescents are experiencing higher rates of mental health problems. Photo: Pixabay.
According to the CDC, young adolescents are experiencing higher rates of mental health problems than ever before. Photo: Pixabay.

The following national leaders will be on the program:

  • Amy Hinojosa, president and CEO of Mana National, a Latina support organization
  • Nicolás Peña, communications and programs specialist for the Hispanic Heritage Foundation
  • Alma Lopez, 2022 American School Counselor Association Counselor of the Year.

“Together, we will help raise awareness about this important topic within the Latino community to help change social norms and encourage people to take a proactive approach to their mental health,” highlighted Vme TV. 

If you don't have Vme TV, Un Cafecito Sin Nervios, can also be streamed here.

The special also includes a welcome message from actor and television presenter Mario López: “As fathers, parents, grandparents, tios, and tias, it’s essential that we take responsibility to see if our children need help, and to make sure that they’re heard. By talking with them about their emotional well-being we can help them better understand and process their emotions when they’re feeling sad, angry, or anxious.”

Get to know: Vme TV

It is a premier Spanish-language national television network that provides a quality alternative to Latino families by offering engaging, empowering, educational, and entertaining programming.

The 24-hour digital broadcast service is dedicated to entertaining, educating and inspiring families in Spanish with a contemporary mix of original productions, exclusive premieres, acquisitions and popular public television shows specially tailored for Hispanics.


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