Blue Demon Jr. wrestling fight.
Blue Demon Jr.'s fame extends beyond Mexico. Photo: sinikolpos — Pixabay.

Blue Demon Jr. will have its own film and TV universe

The renowned Mexican masked wrestler will take his image worldwide.


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Exile Content Studio, a Candle Media company that creates content in Spanish and English for a global audience across multiple platforms, recently announced an innovative partnership with renowned Mexican wrestling icon, Blue Demon Jr.

In collaboration with Los Angeles production company Moxie 88, a new licensing agreement will elevate the image and trademarks of the masked wrestler in film, television and merchandise to a global scale.

The media deal seeks to rescue the masked wrestling genre through a series of feature films and multi-platform multimedia content.

The first project, the feature film The Demon, will be directed by Dan Carrillo Levy and co-written by Carrillo Levy and Eugenio Villamar, who acquired the life rights to Blue Demon Jr. in 2018.

The creators told Variety:

Growing up in Mexico, the Blue Demon mask epitomized heroism and hope, deeply shaping our belief in the transformative power of storytelling and true superheroes.

Who is Blue Demon Jr.?

Inheriting the legacy of his father, Blue Demon, who grew to legendary status in wrestling in the 1950s, the masked wrestler is a symbol of strength, courage and perseverance within the Mexican community.

Blue Demon is recognized as an indispensable character in Mexican pop culture, with hundreds of published fantastic comics and more than 27 feature films to his name.

Featured as a superhero, the luchador's iconic mask, which has been recreated in murals and tattoos, represents justice and an unwavering pursuit of righteousness.

Blue Demon Jr. has continued this tradition, transforming it into a modern phenomenon and brought in his own style, which has earned him a devoted international fan base, cementing his status as one of the most popular Mexican wrestlers, recognized all over the world.

“It’s an honor to shed new light on this inspiring icon, unraveling the untold story of the mask and its profound significance, and to be able to do it in partnership with [Exile Content founder] Isaac Lee and the entire Exile and Candle Media team,” added Levy and Villamar. 

Blue Demon Jr. is remembered for selling out Madison Square Garden and becoming the first Mexican and second masked wrestler to claim the prestigious NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Among his fans are world-renowned figures like Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

The Blue Demon universe

The new license agreement, which officially begins with the launch of The Demon, will take the luchador to many mediums.

In addition to the feature films, Blue Demon will also be coming to television on a youth program, a children's animated series, and a variety of publishing projects.

"Additional efforts include movies, scripted and unscripted series, animations, music, games, spirits and an exciting line of products," the directors highlighted.

Blue Demon Jr.'s universe is coming soon. Graphic: Exile Content Studio.
Blue Demon Jr.'s universe is coming soon. Graphic: Exile Content Studio.

The collaboration between Exile Content, Moxie 88 and Blue Demon Jr. aims to enhance the Blue Demon cinematic universe and the brand's multi-platform expansion.

Exile announced Stephen Davis, former Hasbro's chief content officer and president of global consumer product licensing, as an advisor to Exile on Blue Demon Jr.'s intellectual property strategy.

“Blue Demon is an icon with a loyal fanbase around the world. He represents the very best of Mexican culture. We are so honored to be a part of the mask’s incredible legacy,” said Nando Vila, head of content for Exile.

Get to know: Moxie 88

Moxie 88, co-founded by writers and directors Dan Carrillo Levy and Eugenio Villamar in 2015, is a Los Angeles-based production company focused on developing film, television, animation, and cross-platform projects for studios and independent productions.


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