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Financial Literacy for All (FL4ALL) receives significant support for its mission to promote financial education

Major companies joined the growing coalition of leading organizations.


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Financial Education for All (FL4ALL), a national initiative dedicated to embedding financial education in America's schools, workplaces, communities, and culture, recently announced that a coalition of more than 40 leading organizations have committed to this worthwhile cause.

John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE founder, chair, and CEO, pointed out in a press release:

We welcome the addition of these leading companies to our coalition with profound appreciation.

Among the prominent firms that joined the 10-year educational initiative, American Express, Dow Jones and Moderna were the ones most highlighted by FL4ALL.

What is FL4ALL?

Launched two years ago by a consortium of leaders from the business, professional sports, entertainment, and nonprofit sectors, along with Operation HOPE, this program seeks to reinvent the way Americans think about their relationship with money, as well as provide fundamental skills for people to better manage their personal finances and build generational wealth.

The 10-year initiative, co-chaired by Bryant and Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, highlights that it is reaching millions of youth and adults by meeting them wherever they are on their financial journey, ensuring they have helpful information and access to the tools and resources they need to make informed financial decisions.

The significance, reach, and impact that these leading organizations will have on our mission to enhance the financial landscape of our nation is incredible,” added Bryant.

Financial Commitment

FL4ALL highlights that the initiative is very close to achieving its goal of impacting 5 million working adults with its program, which is part of its three-point mission that also includes reaching 15 million family members, and 50 million people in ten years.

Among the exciting and innovative initiatives to further its mission, FL4ALL highlights the achievement of the following three objectives:

  1. Supporting financial literacy programs for the member organizations’ collective employee base of nearly five million people (including 15% of the combined U.S. Fortune 500 workforce)
  2. Advocating for financial literacy education to be provided to all students as part of their basic education, as well as part of lifelong learning for all adults
  3. Making unbiased and action-oriented financial literacy resources available to all through FL4ALL’s Resource Library

Their commitment underscores the power of collective action and the shared responsibility we, as leaders in the private and non-profit sectors, have in empowering individuals through financial literacy. Together, we are helping by creating a future where financial literacy is not a privilege for some, but a fundamental right for all,” concluded Bryant.


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