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The Sorenson team continues to work on inclusion. Photo: @Sorenson_Comm.

CaptionCall by Sorenson presents its scholarship winners

Audiology students will benefit from this initiative to promote education.


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The industry leader in telephone captioning, available free of charge to all those with hearing loss who need captions to use the telephone, recently announced 8 grant recipients who benefited from $3,000 in resources.

As part of CaptionCall by Sorenson's ongoing commitment to provide inclusive communication technologies and services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and from diverse communities, this year's version marks six editions.

Jorge Rodríguez, CaptionCall by Sorenson’s CEO, stated:

Audiology services remain a critical piece of communication accessibility. We support the education of future hearing health practitioners.

About the scholarship 

According to data from the US National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, more than 48 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss.

To be eligible for the 2023 Audiology Student Scholarship, applicants must be current college students planning to pursue full-time undergraduate studies in audiology or students in an audiology degree.

Applicants must have an average of 3 points out of 4, as a minimum. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in a full-time degree of study in audiology at an authorized college in the United States.

“As they are the future audiologists who will be serving people experiencing hearing loss, we want to support their formal training,” added Rodríguez. 

Winners 2022

The annual scholarships have been awarded to 8 recipients, who will attend the following universities:

  1. Breanna Corle, Rush University in Chicago, Illinois
  2. Lauren Joy, Universidad of Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Catrina Liner, Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon
  4. Katie Matofsky, Montclair State University, New Jersey
  5. Celine Minasian, University Colorado Boulder, Colorado
  6. Alexis Remshak, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois
  7. Kari Thompson, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri
  8. Abbie White, Universidad of Arizona in Tucson

“Not only do I want to be an audiologist, but also an educator, a team member, a support system, and a resource to my future patients. By awarding me the CaptionCall by Sorenson scholarship, you are helping me to reach my professional goals in the field of audiology,” noted Kari Thompson, one of the beneficiaries. 


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