President of Brazil meets with local leaders after violent attacks on government institutions in the capital of the country.
The president seeks to expose those who financed these attacks. Photo: @ricardostuckert.

Tension in Brazil: Biden offers support to President Lula

A large number of world leaders have expressed their solidarity with the Brazilian president.


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After the weekend attacks in Brazil, in which a group of supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro violently broke into different government buildings in the country's capital, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, offered the support of the White House to his Brazilian counterpart through a phone call just one day after the events.

“I condemn the assault on democracy and the peaceful transfer of power in Brazil. The democratic institutions of Brazil have our full support and the will of the Brazilian people must not be undermined. I look forward to continuing to work with President Lula," Biden wrote on Twitter.

Bolsonaro behind the attacks?

While Bolsonaro's wife pointed out that her husband had been hospitalized, so far this information has not been confirmed.

For its part, NBC News, which is working to independently confirm his latest whereabouts, noted that White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters that the United States had not received any official request from the Brazilian government regarding the removal of Bolsonaro, who is believed to have traveled to Florida days before his term officially ended.

Likewise, the Democratic congressman from Texas, Joaquin Castro, announced that he will make an official request for the former president to be deported.

After the attacks, Lula assured that those involved in the assault on government buildings would be prosecuted legally, while indicating that Bolsonaro should take responsibility since several of his speeches invited to this type of actions.

“Unwavering Support”

In a joint statement between Brazil and the U.S., following the phone call between the two leaders, Biden expressed his "unwavering support" for Brazil's democracy and the will of its people.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who took office as the new president of Brazil on January 1st, has received the majority support of the main leaders around the world, who have publicly condemned the attack by these extreme right groups in the South American giant.

“The whole world has an interest in the success of democracy in Brazil. Together, we must reject any effort to nullify or disrupt the will of the Brazilian people and affirm the peaceful transfer of power as a cornerstone of democracy," former President Barack Obama wrote on his Twitter account.

Next to meet

Before the attacks on Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Brazilian presidential palace, similar to those carried out on January 6 against the United States Capitol by Trump supporters, Lula had confirmed his visit to Washington early next month.

In addition to discussing what they have called a "wide-ranging shared agenda," it is expected that these serious threats to democracy in Brazil will also be on the table.


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