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Mexican YouTuber Lizbeth Rodríguez and Chispa are partnering to share a beautiful message about love and acceptance. Photo: Courtesy

Chispa partners with Mexican YouTuber Lizbeth Rodríguez for PRIDE Month


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This PRIDE month, Chispa, the number one dating app for Latine singles, and Lizbeth Rodríguez, a Mexican YouTuber, are partnering to empower Latine singles to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate their uniqueness. 

In an interview with AL DÍA, the single mother shared that her partnership with Chispa stems from a “community of acceptance, where it does not matter what you like or want to do— you are super welcome. It is a safe community.” And as a Latina, she can make meaningful connections with people who share her culture. 

“I am a person who is governed a lot by what I want, by my convictions, my commitment to justice, to raise my voice, to make noise,” explained Lizbeth, who openly identifies as bisexual and uses her personal experience in the LGBTQIA+ community to inspire others to embrace their true selves. 

According to a recent survey of Chispa users, 60.3% reported that LGBTQIA+ issues were not a topic of discussion growing up, highlighting the importance of open dialogue, awareness, and understanding—conversations Rodríguez prides herself on having with her son and instill the significance of autonomy and decision-making capacity. 

“I focus on teaching him to make his own decisions,” said Lizbeth, while ensuring her son is aware of the consequences of those decisions, but ultimately, “I give him a lot of freedom so that he knows who he is and that he is not afraid to explore” or be fearful of voicing his needs to her. 

The survey found that 1 in 4 Chispa users is open to dating LGBTQIA+ individuals, signifying a growing acceptance that Rodríguez explains has allowed even people who are heterosexual to be willing “to date a bisexual person or gay person, to make friends or to get to know each other, to be in that process of hetero-curiosity.”

The survey also revealed that 39% of respondents acknowledged the existence of discrimination towards LGBTQIA+ individuals within the Latinx community, indicating room for progress. 

Although Lizbeth grew up in the Latinx community, she explains that facing family, friends, and society can be challenging for LGBTQIA+ individuals and understanding “we are in a fight for us to accept who we are, in a fight to respect.” 

With over 7 million downloads, Chispa is helping people forge meaningful connections within their community and is launching a new sticker collection in celebration of PRIDE month—with an “Ally” sticker available to singles on the app. 

Photo: Courtesy


Photo: Courtesy

The Chispa app is available in English and Spanish on the iOS App Store and Google Play, allowing users to build connections with like-minded individuals from different communities while encouraging self-expression.

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