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Well, allows us to tell you about our company's culture first:

AL DÍA takes pride in having a work culture that respects and engages the individual's personal initiative and, in a very unique case in Philadelphia, prioritizes the growth of the apprentices as part of the strategy to create qualified, employable professional in our region, using the abundant talent coming from the 16 universities located in our city.

Philadelphia, today more than ever, needs a renovation of its workforce and we are helping from our shop senior students and graduates that need to bridge the gap between earning a diploma and landing that hard-to-come-by first work opportunity.

The apprenticeships, which required a full-time commitment for a period of 3 and up to 6 months, are in reality career springboard for those who are disciplined, focused, ambitious and motivated high performers.

If you are a brilliant, pragmatic, fast-working, juggler, great communicator who can take and use feedback, then this high-intensity group of collegial teammates may be the best environment for you to thrive and grow into positions in the staff of any media company in the city.

Apprentices join a mission-oriented, value-centered media training and dynamic news organization advancing high-quality journalism, technology innovation and business entrepreneurship in our city.

Be involved in everything that happens in AL DÍA office, from the mundane to the transformational, and be part of teams that form each month around our AL DÍA Idea Incubator activities, where you can learn from experienced AL DÍA Team members.



Candidates must do, be or have...

  • Personal initiative, self-motivation, and strict time management and scheduling skills.
  • Strong written and verbal business communication skills.
  • Solutions-oriented approach to challenges.
  • Able to set priorities and be highly organized.
  • Comfortable with all Social Media Platforms and with personal accounts with a significant number of followers.
  • Knowledgeable of all Google Business Applications.
  • Rigorous ethical standards and personal integrity.
  • Interest in leadership and management.
  • Be at the final semester of their studies at college, or be a recent college graduate.
  • To have successfully completed an internship at AL DIA is a huge plus.



AL DÍA's company culture was defined by the unique way the company came about.

This is a 25-year old, journalists-owned and operated news media business —a start-up born, not in a garage, but in the small home of its founder in North Philadelphia (which didn’t have a garage;)—  now headquartered in the heart of the business district of Center City.

We are staffed by a team of professionals of all ethnic backgrounds working together to amplify diverse voices over the news media spectrum and contribute in a unique way to the future of journalism and quality of life in our city and our country, with a strong emphasis on technology innovation and savvy business practices.

We provide a unique environment for senior students with a minimum of 2 internships already completed.

This position is a unique opportunity for a comprehensive, hands-on experience that may lead to a new career path and outstanding opportunity in the changing media business.



These are just some of them:

  • A stipend of up to $5,400.
  • Experience life in Center City Philadelphia, the heart of the financial district and the new capital for young professionals in the US.
  • Network at AL DÍA events hosted in venues such as the Pyramid Club and the Philadelphia Union League.
  • Enjoy AL DÍA staff 'happy hour', known as "Viva Viernes!", for a drink together and direct interaction with the company’s leadership.
  • Learn and thrive in a multilingual, multicultural and multimedia environment.
  • Enjoy our open office space, equipped with all the latest technology, and space where you can sit, relax, have a drink or a meal or listen to your own music during breaks.




Write up a cover letter expressing your interest and highlighting your unique qualifications, and send it along with your resume, your social media handles, and 3 samples of actual work, to [email protected].

We diligently process your application within the following 4 weeks.


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