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Becky G gets real in her new podcast, “En La Sala”


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Mexican American singer and actress, Rebecca Marie Gomez, otherwise known by her stage name, Becky G, knows we are all going through collective trauma and has decided to provide the Latinx community with some much needed “cafecito.”

As of Sept. 23, she is exploring the world of spoken word with her new Amazon Music podcast called En La Sala. She announced in a promo on her Instagram that “no topics are off limits” in the program.

She chose her own sala (living room) as the space to conduct the conversations, as she knows that is where things can get real and unfiltered. 

Gomez will be inviting family, friends and a number of popular Latin artists to join her. In just the first episode alone, Maluma, Gente de Zona, Sebastián Yatra, and Mau y Ricky were featured guests.

Becky G plans to discuss politics, particularly the importance of voting, LGBTQ issues, sports, music, Latinidad and more. She also didn’t hold back from tackling a topic that remains taboo in many Latinx households: mental health.

One of the best ways to diminish stigma is to talk about it and foster empathy, and Becky is more than ready for the challenge. She spoke about having anxiety since adolescence and experiencing her first panic attack at only 13 years old.

Later in life, she was officially diagnosed with depression and started seeing a therapist while journaling to improve her emotional intelligence and practicing meditation to decrease her anxiety.

The artist has never shied away from using her platform and influence to give back to different communities and raise awareness of important issues. She has used Instagram to bring attention to issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement and DREAMers.

In April, she dropped a limited edition t-shirt line to benefit the organization Los Angeles Students in Need to support her local community during the pandemic.

In September, she collaborated with Amazon to donate $20,000 in materials and equipment for the music program at her former school, Oak Street Elementary.

Becky is doing the same with En La Sala. She feels if she is going to talk about the culture, then she also needs to give back.

The podcast will be donating money per episode to different non-profits. The first episode was dedicated to the Boys and Girls Club in Los Angeles.

“Every day is a hustle for me,” she told PopSugar. “Every day’s like, ‘How can I continue to help my family? How can I continue to uplift others in my community?’” 


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