Literatura Oral: "Literature to Listen to." The new AL DÍA Radio Podcast about Latin American Literature. 
Literatura Oral: "Literature to Listen to." The new AL DÍA Radio Podcast about Latin American Literature. 

Literatura Oral: Reviving the voices from the classics.


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Septiembre 22, 2023

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Septiembre 03, 2023


Starting April 18th, 2019, AL DÍA Podcasts will air a new series that will feature the works of classic Latin American authors. Literatura Oral “Literature to Listen to” will consist of thirty-minute episodes where the books and pieces of literature will be discussed in an opinion-based conversation. Experts in the subject, such as university professors, Ph.D. Students, and even contemporary writers will be invited as guests to have a conversation that motivates listeners to read these pieces.

Our episodes will immerse the audience in literature pieces as a way to show their beauty in the Spanish language. This new approach will give the readers a chance to connect to pieces with a new perspective and expand their own literary horizons beyond the English mainstream. Our CEO and host, Hernán Guaracao, emphasizes our “hope to promote a better understanding of works that remain hidden from the public view because of the linguistic barrier.” For this reason, the podcast will not be an academic discussion, but one about the connections guests felt when they encountered these authors.

The programming will be done in English, but since the works were written in Spanish, we will be reading them in their original language. Of course, the translation will follow up soon after. This will also be an opportunity to teach the listeners new words and phrases that are common in Latin America.

The first episode will be a discussion about the book Pedro Paramo by the author Juan Rulfo. Ph.D. Student from Temple University, Mariana Hernandez, will join our host Hernán in this conversation. The episodes will be posted every Friday, and they can be found in the PODCASTS section of the AL DÍA Website.

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