Andre Arbelaez has added Safely2Prosperity to his list of advisory board appointments. Graphic: Mónica Hernández/AL DÍA News.
Andre Arbelaez has added Safely2Prosperity to his list of advisory board appointments. Graphic: Mónica Hernández/AL DÍA News.

Andre Arbelaez is the newest advisory board member for Safely2Prosperity


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Septiembre 14, 2023

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Safely2Prosperity founder and executive chairman John Norris and CEO Haden Land recently announced Andre Arbelaez as the newest member of its advisory board.

He officially began his role on May 1, and was appointed to a three-year term. 

In addition to his new advisory board role, Arbalaez has also been appointed as a member of Safely 2 Prosperity’s advisory board strategic planning committee. 

Arbelaez is a senior executive with decades of experience in corporate America who has also distinguished himself as one of the nation’s most vocal executive leadership advocate.

He is a frequent speaker on Technology, Diversity & Inclusion topics, and has spoken at various events from across the country — spanning from the White House to the United Nations Headquarters. 

Since 2018, Arbelaez has served as President & CEO of HC3 (Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council), the premier national member organization aimed at developing Hispanic leaders in Corporate America. 

The organization’s goal is to increase the number of successful Hispanic executives in public and private companies, with a focus on promoting, advocating, connecting and developing the Hispanic Executive. 

Arbelaez founded the organization after spending 10 years on the Board of Directors and later seven years as President of Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC).  

Through his role, he has cultivated a premier group of relationships with CEOs, CIOs, CTO’s, and VP’s of IT and Diversity and Inclusion leaders from Fortune 1000 global companies. 

He uses a “Push Up and Pull Up” strategy to promote Hispanic executives to the C-Suite and place them onto corporate boards. 

Arbelaez also serves as senior vice president of business development at Dimiour, an IT Consulting and Services firm.

Previous roles include those with Globant, Softtek, T-System, AWS, Covisint, and others. 

The executive leader’s work in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion is a direct result of his upbringing. 

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan by Colombian parents, Arbelaez also spent five of his formidable years in the South American country.

His upbringing gave him a firsthand view of the values of community, hard work and ambition. In addition, it helped him develop a strong sense of responsibility, family, and Hispanic culture.

Arbelaez has stayed true to those values, and has dedicated his career to the cause of helping Latinos whose backgrounds may closely mirror his, achieve the professional heights he has been fortunate to attain. 

His appointment to Safely 2 Prosperity’s advisory board is just the latest of his extensive repertoire. He also serves on the board of advisors for the American Latino Veterans Association and is chairman of the Information & Decision Sciences at Oakland University. He’s also a member of the board of directors for iWorker Innovations, KlearExpress, and Baker College. 

Safely2Prosperity is a leading Boston-based company that provides innovative solutions to countries, government agencies, companies, and other organizations for next-generation infectious disease spread and other workplace disease risk management.

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