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Florida governor will ban colleges in the state from accepting money from ‘countries of concern,’ including China


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Febrero 07, 2023

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Febrero 03, 2023


On September 22, 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a legislative proposal to address the threat posed by “hostile foreign powers” like China, Cuba, Russia, Iran, North Korean, Syria, and Venezuela in cyberspace, real estate, and academia.

“From server farms to farmland, the Communist Party of China has been worming its way into our nation’s data storage systems and buying up tracts of land near sensitive national security sites,” said Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. “By prohibiting the purchase of lands, state contracts with Chinese technology firms, and the infiltration of CCP-affiliated groups such as Confucius Institutes, Florida is leading the way to protect our nation from international foes.”


However, foreign contacts and gifts came under scrutiny after former President Donald Trump took Office—prioritizing Section 117, a Higher Education Act of 1965, intended to balance academic freedom and national security by mandating financial transparency. This Act requires reporting foreign donations of $250,000 or more in a year. 

Trump administration started investigating high-profile institutions, as reported by Higher ED Dive. Now, DeSantis signed a law requiring public and private colleges to report gifts from foreign entities.


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