Mauri Tapia AKA Los Retros – Photo by Ross Harris
Mauri Tapia AKA Los Retros – Photo by Ross Harris

Five songs from this week for the weekend: From a Sofía Reyes and Becky G collab to The Marías and Andrekza


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From bedroom-pop to urbana pop, alternative newcomers to international hitmakers, this week saw many notable singles. 

The metal band Wiplash dropped a new single, adding to their developing discography; The Marías were featured on a remix from songwriter Claud, and Los Retros released a song entirely in Spanish for the first time.

Internationally-known pop stars Sofía Reyes and Becky G also collaborated for “Mal de Amores,” while Andrekza unveiled a powerful new single.

Sofía Reyes x Becky G - “Mal de Amores"

Sofía Reyes released a new collaboration with Becky G on Friday, Sept. 10, “Mal De Amores.”

“Mal De Amores” puts on an instrumental reminiscent of qualities found in cumbia rhythm and reggaetón. 

The music video begins with the two internationally-known powerhouses sharing bowls of absurdly-oversized ice cream and trading stories. 


To go along with the song’s message, the two artists discuss past romances that fell through, offering their commentary with wit and humor in carefree demeanors, communicating that all is well despite the circumstances.

“Mal De Amores” is at home alongside its music video, propelled by no shortage of dancers, with Sofía Reyes and Becky G certainly not excluded from the dance floor. 

Los Retros - “Solo Tú” 

Los Retros returned on Wednesday, Sept. 8 with the smooth-moving “Solo Tú.”

The Oxnard, California native channeled his Mexican heritage through the single, releasing his first Spanish-language track.

“I wanted to make a Romantica that sounded like it could have been on one of my father’s CDs from the swapmeet,” explained Los Retros, via a press release. 

The instrumental was inspired by 1970s Romanticas bands. The lyrical portion of the tune depicts Los Retros reaching out to his wife, reminding her she is the only one he longs for.

The music video for “Solo Tú” begins with Los Retros walking out of, seemingly, a shed doubling as a chicken coop. The singer is seen embracing the day similar to how this single’s instrumental welcomes its listener.

The single’s music video is a rather scenic and athletic one, showcasing Los Retros’ abilities as a skateboarder. The video also shows off some picturesque nature shots and unique cinematography.

“Solo Tú” was released through Stones Throw Records, and is Los Retros’ first release since his album Looking Back, which came out earlier this year.

The Marías x Claud - “In Or In-Between”

The Los Angeles-based pop group The Marías have been having a good 2021. The year is rounding out to be a particularly productive one for the band. 

Not only did the group release their debut album, CINEMA, back in June, but they also released a collaborative remix with one of indie’s biggest names, Phoebe Bridgers, late this past August.

On Wednesday, Sept. 8, The Marías provided yet another collaborative remix, this time of Claud’s “In Or In-Between.” Claud is a bedroom-pop musician from Chicago. 

Claud teamed up with The Marías to remix “In Or In-Between” from their 2021 album Super Monster. Claud’s remix also features Jesse Rutherford, the lead-singer of pop band The Neighbourhood, who also releases solo music as Jesse.

This remix showcases new verses from Jesse and María in addition to backing vocals woven throughout Claud’s original melodies.

Listeners of The Marías can expect the central lead singer, who the band is named after, to deliver her signature bilingual songwriting seen on Marías hits such as “Cariño.” 

Andrekza - “Sangre Poderosa”

Venezuelan pop singer Andrekza released her new single and music video “Sangre Poderosa” on Friday, Sept. 10. The single honors the victims of the 1911 Triangle Waistshirt Factory fire.

The potent track is from the pop artist's upcoming EP Cassette - Lado B

Filmed in a textile factory in Los Angeles, the music video for ‘Sangre Poderosa directly references the tragic incident.


AL DÍA also spoke with Andrekza this week about her new single and music video. In the conversation, Andrekza shared the importance of empowerment, a driving force behind her music:

“My music is for me as a Latina and also my Latina sisters, but also in general, it’s to empower women and people that feel like they can be themselves,” she said in Spanish.

Wiplash - “Roto”

Wiplash is a band early in its career. Starting in late 2020, through social media, band members connected through a mutual interest in music. 

“Roto” is only the group's third single. 

The members started the group from different cities, and gained their steady following quickly thanks to a fanbase formed naturally through TikTok and Instagram.

“Roto” is a metal tune that resembles nu-metal, a subgenre of alternative metal that incorporates elements of other outside genres. 

This can include funk, rap, alt rock, industrial, grunge, and so on, creating a genre-bending experience that was relatively popular in some early to mid-1990s American music scenes. 

Wiplash are expected to continue their growth with more singles after “Roto.”

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