Andrekza in the "Sangre Poderosa" music video. Photo: Andrekza, Sebas Coto
Andrekza in the "Sangre Poderosa" music video. Photo: Andrekza, Sebas Coto

Andrekza honors victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire with new song and video, ‘Sangre Poderosa’


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Andrekza is a pop artist, creative director, photographer, and video director from Venezuela. She has been steadily building her musical catalog, dropping one evocative pop track after the other. 

The singer went to school for cinematography and directing, and creates every concept behind each of her music videos.

She has now released the potent single, “Sangre Poderosa,” alongside a music video that honors the victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The incident killed 146 people. 

The triangle factory was a sweatshop that employed immigrant women who were predominantly teenagers and did not speak English. Work days were 12 hours, seven days a week.

The 1911 factory fire is also attributed to the creation of International Women’s Day.

When asked about her decision to base the music video around the tragedy, Andrekza elaborated on the need to honor the victims:

“I believe, first, I was inspired a lot by recognizing and honoring a moment that many people don’t know. Today, we have an International Women’s Day and the beginning of the new feminist movement,” she said in Spanish.

“It’s important to have knowledge about the event after so much time since 1911. A lot of people don’t have this information. A lot of people don’t know where it comes from. In reality, this fight today, is the result of many that came before them,” the singer continued. 

The track features Afro-beats with edgier Latin trap influence. 

“Sangre Poderosa” as a single is intended to empower Latinas of “all shapes and skin tones.” The direction was influenced by Andrekza’s Venezuelan culture and Afro-Indigenous ancestry.

The music video for “Sangre Poderosa” was filmed at a textile factory in Los Angeles. Creative direction was handled by Andrekza herself alongside director Sebas Coto. 

The music video’s setting promotes honoring the 1911 factory fire victims. 


The cast for “Sangre Poderosa” features Latina women from different countries across Latin America. 

“As a result, in my video, I have great friends and women I admire. I value a lot the ways these women develop their dreams in their own countries,” she said.

The women who star in the music video are also of varied backgrounds: art directors, marketing experts, songwriters, cooks, and influencers.

Andrekza explained the message behind the song as a call to action, and a way to empower her fellow sisters in Latin America:

“I’m from Venezuela… for me it’s really important to be able to honor my sisters in Latin America,” she said. “I believe that this is a song to empower my sisters and also empower myself and remind myself everyday that I have powerful blood and am an independent, powerful woman.”

The mission to empower women, to Andrekza, represents a way to avoid separation between women:

“In the face of us falling, a lot of times having less opportunities, completely different opportunities in other cultures, we will continue to rise and overcome.”

The single was written by Andrekza and Rubén Coello. The track was produced by Epikh Pro and Roark, two producers with significant resumes, between the former’s work producing for Cardi B and the latter’s production for names such as French Montana.

“Sangre Poderosa” is the third single from Andrekza’s upcoming EP Cassette - Lado B, the followup to Cassette - Lado A from earlier this year. 

When asked what the song personally means to her, Andrekza revealed she views it as a tool for affirmation, and a reminder of who she is, how she feels, and “how a lot of Latin Americans and how a lot of women feel.”

Sebas Coto will also help direct videos for each track off Andrekza’s new EP. 

Andrekza illustrated her relationship with Coto:

"I had the opportunity to collaborate with a great friend who is also Latin American — Costa Rican… it was a really beautiful experience.”

Andrekza’s upcoming EP, Cassette - Lado B, will be released through record producer Steve Aoki’s Latin Imprint, Dim Mak En Fuego.

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