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Last week, from Rittenhouse Square in Center City Philadelphia to the steps of the state capitol complex in Trenton, N.J., thousands upon thousands across America (and around the world) stood up against yet another insult to human decency from the Trump administration.

Those protests – a strong show of People-Power – forced Orange Menace President Trump to make a historic and humiliating reversal on his putrid policy of snatching children from their parents at the southern border.

Trump issued another executive order that stopped family separation…at least temporarily and with no commitment to reunite children with their parents.

With a stroke of his pen, America’s dictator-loving president did what he had loudly declared he couldn’t and wouldn’t do. Trump’s policy reversal surely burned the insides of that clinically narcissistic man notorious for never admitting wrong, whose actions daily confirm the widely asserted contention that he lacks a core human component – a soul.

Who else but a soulless individual would brazenly exploit misery oozing from snatching breastfeeding babies from their mothers for crass political purposes inclusive of extorting money from Congress to build his “beautiful wall” along America’s southern border and fire-up his "Basket-of-Deplorables" voting base?

“Everybody knows taking children from parents is wrong,” Laura Mora of the N.J.-based Latin American Legal and Education Fund said during that protest in Trenton.

“Trump using our tax dollars to traumatize children and criminalize these parents is not required by law,” Mora said. “People have always come to America fleeing violence and poverty.”

Days before hundreds gathered at Rittenhouse Square to protest the presence of Trump’s equally soul-lacking Vice President, self-defined staunch Christian Mike Pence addressed the 12th Annual National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC.

Four days after Pence’s address at that DC event, its organizer, Rev. Luis Cortes, Jr. of Philadelphia’s Esperanza issued a statement where he condemned the Trump administration’s family separation/child internment practices as “both immoral and detrimental.”

After Trump issued his executive order that halted family separation – at least temporarily – Rev. Cortes said he was “happy” that Trump reversed his policy.

Many of those who protested Trump’s outrageous Zero Tolerance on immigration stance zeroed in on a reality that many Capitol Hill pols and media pundits miss and/or dismiss: the problems of poverty.

People make the long, dangerous trek from Central American countries like Guatemala and Honduras to seek refugee status in America because of gut-wrenching impoverishment and the violence it spawns.

And another reality too often dismissed is that the incredible burdens poverty places on the mind, body, and soul haunt America from Hope Street in Philadelphia to East Harlem and the hills of Appalachia.

“The War on the Poor is immoral and disgusting,” Sammy Arroyo, the Puerto Rican born pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Hightstown N.J. said during an interview at that Trenton protest.

Pastor Sammy brought two young girls to that Poor People’s Campaign protest who live the painful "rent-or-food" conundrum radiating from their mother’s debilitating illness.

Trump: America can’t be "Great Again" with massive impoverishment!


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