4 Ways PECO Is Helping You

4 Ways PECO Is Helping You Live a Clean Energy Life

Want to live a cleaner energy life? Not entirely sure what that means?


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Well, let’s just say you can make your  environment healthier and save money by embracing a clean energy lifestyle. If you’re not sure where to start,  PECO is here to help with their Path to Clean commitments. 

Not only did PECO commit to reducing their operations-driven emissions by 50 percent by 2030, they also  have put together ways to support YOU in reducing your emissions. They’re always here to give you access to  clean and affordable energy solutions. To take it a step further, PECO has made the commitment to achieve net-zero operations-driven emissions by 2050 and pledged $6 billion over the next five years to modernize our  region’s energy infrastructure. All of these initiatives, programs and support, are part of PECO's Path to Clean  efforts.  

We all love where we live. And we want our families and future generations of Philadelphians to enjoy our  region as well. That’s why PECO has tips, tools and programs to help reduce Philadelphia’s carbon footprint— as well as partnerships with like-minded organizations working to protect and preserve the environment. At the  end of the day, PECO wants to make clean energy solutions more accessible, affordable, and equitable for  their customers.  

Here are four steps you can take right now, and in 2023, to help reach your community’s clean energy goals: 

1) Upgrade to Electric or Hybrid Vehicles 

• Time for a new car? Then it’s time to think about the many electric vehicle or hybrid options out there.  Electric and hybrid vehicles have significant emissions benefits, as well as financial, environmental and  health benefits over conventional vehicles. PECO’s EVsmart Program gives you the rebates, tools, and  information you need to charge faster, smarter, and more conveniently than ever before. So if it's time  for a new car, visit for more information on electric vehicles! 

2) Let’s Get Solar! Solar Panels’ Time to Shine 

• Solar panels use clean, pure energy from the sun. They also are extremely beneficial in offsetting energy costs. PECO is supporting the expansion of solar in the Philadelphia region by enabling more  than 13,000 solar interconnections in their service territory. Think you might be interested in going  solar? If so, you can use PECO’s solar calculator to estimate your installation costs and energy  savings. You can also get tips on how to find a contractor and apply for interconnection, right on So, if you want to save some money and be a friend to the environment, PECO has a  plethora of solar resources to guide your journey.  

3) Protecting the Environment with Plants and Trees 

• Plants and trees can help save energy, clean the air and reduce emissions. Through PECO’s  vegetation and management program, they are committed to protecting the environment and the land 

they own and maintain. In fact, PECO has planted more than 14,000 trees in community spaces and  parks, and improved and constructed more than 50 miles of trails for public use. But they also want to  help the entire Philadelphia region protect our collective environment, and have done so by awarding  more than $2.6 million in Green Region Grants to support environmental projects across their service  territory.  

4) Cost Savings Via Energy Savings 

• You don’t want to miss out on the cost savings that come with a cleaner energy life. PECO has simple  tips, tools and programs to help you reduce your energy usage (and bill) right at home. Some of those  tools include their savings calculator and their free energy assessment from one of their Energy  Advisors. Making smarter choices that reduce emissions means cost savings for you today and a  greener tomorrow for everyone! 


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