Peruvian president Dina Ercilia names ministers.
The political situation in the South American country is far from stabilized. Photo: @presidenciaperu.

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte says that she will not resign

Through an intervention broadcast to the entire country, the president also apologized for her mistakes.


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Dina Boluarte, who assumed Peru's Presidency after the removal of Pedro Castillo, said in a recent televised address to the nation that her main interest is to continue promoting dialogue while asking Peruvians for forgiveness for possible wrong actions that her government has taken to try to recover peace and calm in some regions of the country, where in the midst of different incidents of violence, 49 people have died.

She said she would not resign from her position, despite pressure from various political sectors, Boluarte will continue to focus on finding a peaceful solution to the social and political crisis Peru is currently experiencing.

“I apologize for this situation and for what has not been done to avoid these tragic events. But, just as I ask for forgiveness, as president I ask with all my heart that we reject violence,” Boluarte stressed in her speech.

An election in 2024?

The president, who assured that her interest is not "to stay in power,” reiterated to Congress her desire to vote on a bill that seeks to advance a general election scheduled for April 2024, something demanded by protestors.

Boluarte also explained that the dialogue will be strengthened at the provincial and national levels to try to find a solution to the social crisis that the country is experiencing.

Searching for a peaceful solution

Emphasizing that her commitment is with the country in general and not with those who continue to protest violently, beyond apologizing, Boluarte also denounced the possible intervention of "foreign infiltrators" who were behind the acts of violence, and called the authorities to speed up the investigations opened by the Public Ministry to identify those responsible.

“I am not going to resign, my commitment is with Peru, not with that tiny group that is making the country bleed,” Boluarte highlighted in her speech.

The President made an urgent call to end the violence and find peaceful options to address these concerns.

Boluarte concluded by assuring that even before Castillo came to power, the country was in the midst of a serious political crisis in which they found themselves with “a polarized country, in conflict, where there are extremist sectors that seek to generate disorder and chaos with clear self-interest.”


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