Pictured: GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake alongside Abraham Hamadeh and Blake Masters.
Trump scores successful proxy battle in Arizona with Abraham Haadeh, nominee for Attorney General, Kari Lake for Governor, and Blake Masters for Senate. Photo: Brandon Bell/Getty Images.

Kari Lake’s gubernatorial win in Arizona completes Trump-endorsed sweep of key Republican primaries

Lake joins Blake Masters and Mark Finchem in what will be a vital November for the future of the state.


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All the results are finally in from the Arizona Republican Gubernatorial primary, and Kari Lake secured a landslide victory against her opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, following a hectic primary on Tuesday, Aug. 2. 

Lake, a former TV news anchor for over 20 years, won all of Arizona’s 15 counties, confirmed by an Associated Press call late Wednesday, two days after voters cast their ballots. 

The AP called the race at 10:09 PM on Wednesday. 

In the hours leading up to the final count, polls showed a dead-heat margin between Lake and Robson, whom Ducey, the current Arizona governor, endorsed. Former Vice President Mike Pence also endorsed Robson earlier in the Summer. 

Maricopa County was the last to report its full election results, putting Robson at a close second, just 1% short of Lake

Arizona set the stage for a proxy battle between Pence and Trump to control the GOP nomination in the upcoming elections. 

Last year, Lake drew Trump’s attention as she made unfounded election fraud claims the centerpiece of her campaign. 

"She is strong on Crime, will protect our Border, Second Amendment, Military, and Vets, and will fight to restore Election Integrity (both past and future!)," he wrote. "She is against Covid lockdowns, Cancel Culture, and will end 'woke' curriculum in our schools. She will do a far better job than RINO Governor Doug Ducey--won't even be a contest!" 

A harsh media critic, Lake spares no expense when bashing reporters and often exhibits hostile behavior towards them.  Before a campaigning event, Lake’s team publicized what they called an “ambush” by CNN’s National Correspondent Kyung Lah, who previously debunked Lake’s fraud assertions. 


Following her victory, MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard, who’d previously reported on Lake’s comeuppance as an anchor and candidate, confronted the nominee to speak to her allegations surrounding election fraud.


She told Hillyard they would not release evidence of “what they found” to MSNBC. 

On immigration, Lake is a vigorous advocate of making any border crossing illegal. 

In a Newsmax interview, Lake said she would declare a state of emergency upon being sworn in as Governor should she secure a victory. 

According to the nominee’s campaign website, she would call for an interstate approach to oversee operations at the U.S.-Mexico border through a variety of measures, such as expanded security, increased deportation, and further communications with the Mexican government.

Lake would also plan to finish Trump’s border wall by leveraging the state legislature to reappropriate funding instead of using federal dollars. Once completed, the policy says, she would request reimbursement from Washington. 

She faces Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs, current Arizona Secretary of State, in November. 

In line with Lake’s ongoing election fraud claims, she accused Hobbs of running a smooth electoral process in her victory speech.

“My opponent Katie Hobbs had one job in government, and that was to ensure an efficiently-processed election. She failed spectacularly (...) now she wants a promotion.” 

There were no reported irregularities during the 2020 election in Arizona.


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