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Police release body-cam footage in Sean Monterrosa's death

New footage showcases the shooting of Sean Monterrosa by Vallejo police on June 2.


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Sean Monterrosa was shot by an officer in an unmarked car who believed he was carrying a weapon that turned out to be a hammer. 

It was reported that as the officer opened fire, Monterrosa was on his knees with his hands raised. 

Not surprisingly, this drew outrage from the Vallejo community as another person was fatally shot at by law enforcement for presumably being strapped with a gun.

Over a month after the killing, people are still left with questions, and less answers than before. 

On July 8, Vallejo Police Department released the body-camera footage of the deadly police shooting. 

The release, however, comes after weeks of pressure from attorneys, lawmakers, and advocates. 

Vallejo has a long history of police brutality, and this confirms the obvious: that cops get away with the punishable actions they commit.

The footage begins with Detective Jarrett Tonn pointing a gun towards the windshield of his car, and what follows. 

Before even coming to a full stop, the cop had already opened fire on Monterrosa. After they get out of the car, two police officers question what he was armed with or using to point at them

“I don’t know,” one officer responds. 

More confusion comes in the footage when the cops state that Monterrosa was trying to flee the scene. 

After they see Monterrosa was unarmed, one officer asks for a medkit before screaming an expletive.

“This is not what I fucking needed today!” he continued. 

Another officer then tries to console. 

“You’ll be alright dude. Take some deep breaths. You’ve been through this before,” he says. 

The footage demonstrates the law enforcement officer did not demonstrate any de-escalation tactics and had no justification for shooting a kid who was not armed.

Previous to Monterrosa, Vallejo police had also shot and killed Willie McCoy, a 20-year-old who was sleeping in his car when six police officers surrounded and shot at him 55 times in 3.5 seconds. 

The civil unrest that America is living through is no surprise with stories like these. 

It is far too often that a man gets murdered by law enforcement with no good justification and the officer walks away scot-free. These are the stories that represent police brutality and the need for police reform. 




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