Damian Dovarganes/AP
Damian Dovarganes/AP

Shot five times in the back, Andres Guardado's brutal final moments with police

An independent study has finally shed some light on the 18-year-old’s last minutes, but his family is demanding more answers that investigators still aren’t…


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Multiple shots were heard on June 18 in Los Angeles. Five to be exact, in the back of 18-year-old Andres Guardado

We now know this thanks to an independent autopsy that was released after being conducted at the request of his family. 

Deputies pursued Guardado after he “produced a handgun” and ran from the front of an auto body shop. The firearm was reportedly recovered at the scene of his death, and there is no evidence the weapon was actually fired..

Guardado’s death has sparked numerous protests in Los Angeles since June 18 in line with the same that sprouted nationwide following George Floyd’s murder by police in Minneapolis. 

The protestors ask why an 18-year-old deserved to die at the hands of law enforcement yet again and the results of the independent autopsy are sure to add more fuel to the fire.

The five gunshot wounds were what led to Guardado’s death. 

The toxicology results found no traces of drugs or alcohol at the time of his shooting. 

Andres’ parents have complained about the lack of transparency surrounding his death. There was a “security hold” on Guardado’s autopsy initially put in place by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. 

Multiple letters have been sent to the county counsel from Guardado’s family attorney, Adam Shea, demanding the release of information. However, the official autopsy report from the LA County medical examiner is still on hold while the department’s homicide division investigates. 

The deputy who fatally shot Guardado has yet to be interviewed but is reportedly scheduled to do so according LAPD Commander Chris Marks, who said so in a press conference on July 9. 

The other deputy who did not shoot, but was on the scene when Guardado was killed has been interviewed. Both officers are still employed by the LAPD.

“Generally speaking, these investigations will last a few months,” added Marks. 

But that won’t stop the family of Guardado from asking for answers.

“Our son did not deserve to die this way. We understand there is still a long way to go, but we are going to continue to keep fighting for justice for Andres. We want to ensure other families do not have to suffer as we have. We ask the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department release their security hold on the autopsy report and all other evidence they have. We want answers,” the family shared in a statement, adding that Andres was a good boy with aspirations in life.

Understandably, the Guardado family does not want to wait any longer for answers. Twenty days have passed without any answers, with no reassurance from the sheriff’s department except that the investigation will take time.. 

The sheriff’s department said it may release the official autopsy report once it completes the interviews for its investigation.


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