El abogado especial Robert Mueller. Foto: AP
Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Photo: AP

Activists promise to protect Mueller

Given the progress of the investigation of the special counsel Robert Mueller and the threats of the White House to prevent it from culminating, several…


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If Republicans and Congress fail to stop the president in his campaign against special lawyer Robert Mueller, the civilian population will take the matter into their own hands.

After Trump fired former FBI director James Comey - in what many have perceived as an open "obstruction of justice" - the special counsel appointed to investigate the links between the Trump campaign and Moscow, Robert Mueller, has become the possible next victim of the cornered president.

"Donald Trump could be prepared to put himself above the law. We won’t allow it," declares, one of the organizations that have joined the civic struggle to protect the special counsel.

"Trump will create a constitutional crisis if he fires special counsel Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees Mueller, or attempts to compromise the investigation by other means," the movement explains.

Its response has been to "prepare to hold emergency rallies" under the slogan "Trump is Not Above The Law", a "collaborative effort of dozens of groups across the ideological spectrum" around the country.

According to Reuters, the movement has planned up to 800 national demonstrations, ready to be launched if the President decides to: dismiss Mueller, pardon key witnesses or take actions that could prevent the investigation from being conducted freely.

After the president's recent statements about the raid on the offices, residence and hotel room of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, Mueller's investigation could be closer and closer to being impeded.

"Many have said I should fire him," the president said in his remarks, just before questioning once again the integrity of the bureau.

Other civil groups have joined the cause to take action in case the president finally decides to interrupt the investigation that that corners him slowly.

Rise and Resist (RAR), for example, is another group of activists from New York City who have their protest ready "in case Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller and initiates a Constitutional crisis".

Also, #MarchForTruth, Public Citizen, and Indivisible have joined the movement.

For its part, Congress has resorted to some preventive measures.

Last Wednesday, Reuters reported that "a bipartisan group of senators will introduce legislation to protect the office of the special counsel" in response to the White House statements in which they asserted that "the president has the authority to fire the special prosecutor.”

Simultaneously, "five veteran Republicans have formed a new organization, Republicans for the Rule of Law, seeking to restrain the president from doing exactly that," the Washington Post reported.

Among them are Bill Kristol (editor of the Weekly Standard), Mona Charen (a veteran of the Reagan administration), Linda Chavez (another veteran of the Reagan administration), Sarah Longwell (director of the Log Cabin Republicans) and Andy Zwick (executive director of the Foundation for Constitutional Government).

The group has launched several ads for both television and the Internet, and they focus not only on protecting Mueller but also Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein.

As the Post concludes, "we are now closer to a constitutional crisis than at any other point in the Trump presidency. More unhinged, exposed and isolated than ever, Trump may very well decide to fire Justice Department officials to protect his hide, thereby spelling the end of his presidency."


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