COP27 presentation in Egypt.
The UN climate change conference takes place in Egypt. Photo: @COP27P.

COP27: World leaders work to relaunch the climate fight

This important event takes place between November 6 and 18.


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The COP27 Climate Summit in Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt, formally began with the election of the new president, the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry.

“If adaptation is not met, if the issue of finance is not fulfilled, then we will continue to lag behind. There is no room except to move forward to obtain our objectives,” stated Shoukry during the COP27 press conference.

Through his opening speech, the Egyptian minister warned about how climatic disasters and energy shortages have created political conflicts with profound impacts around the world, while announcing that he will not cease in his intention to achieve tangible results, noting that "it is time to move from the negotiation phase to the implementation phase of the commitments.”

COP27, which bring together around 120 heads of state and government between today and tomorrow, is called to consider the needs of developing countries and guarantee climate justice through adequate financing and other means of implementation, since the countries that are less responsible for emissions are the most affected by climate change.

Battle between rich and poor countries

At a conference that has emerged as a dispute between rich and poor countries over climate change impact financing, the organization particularly highlights the debate around the $100 billion that developing countries should receive annually from developing countries, through loans or donations, to fight climate change.

“More than 50,000 attendees are registered and expected to participate at COP27’s Blue Zone and thousands of others at the Green Zone. The Egyptian Presidency has designated several key thematic days that will include pledging opportunities, discussions, roundtables, and side events. The thematic days are part of efforts to advance climate action that can address existing implementation bottlenecks and gaps and deepen engagement with youth, women, civil society and indigenous people,” stressed COP27.

The Sharm El Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit started today (November 7) and will last for two days, bringing together all participating heads of state and government.

After the opening of the summit, several round tables will be held focusing on 6 key themes:

  1. Just transitions
  2. Food safety
  3. Innovative financing for climate and development
  4. Investing in the future of energy
  5. Water security
  6. Climate Change and The Sustainability of Vulnerable Communities

COP27 is expected to receive more than 40,000 attendees, in what may become the climate summit with the most participants in history.


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