Brazil voters
More than 150 million Brazilians are eligible to vote. The political polarization of the South American country was confirmed on Sunday. Photo: Getty Images

There will be a runoff election for president in Brazil

With 99.67% of the votes counted, neither President Jair Bolsonaro nor former President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva won more than 50% to win.


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After Sunday's contentious elections in Brazil, Lula had 48.34% of the vote and Bolsonaro 43.27%. The result makes clear the political polarization of the South American giant, between the extreme right and the left. The second round between the two candidates will take place on Oct. 30. The total number of eligible voters in the country is 156.4 million people.

Polls have favored Lula, who was in the Presidency between 2003 and 2011 — significantly improving the socioeconomic situation of the country of 212 million inhabitants and its multicultural sectors.


For Bolsonaro, the result is better than the polls expected amid situations such is denial of the deforestation of the Amazon despite the warnings of the United Nations and environmental organizations about the risks of its deterioration for the planet.

In addition to the presidential elections, Brazil voted for state governors. In Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro, from Bolsonaro's party, won the majority.

The result of the presidential elections is not only important for Brazilians. If Lula wins, an important progressive bloc will be consolidated in the region, with the presidents of Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Honduras, among others, who will counterbalance right-wing governments. If Bolsonaro wins, he would be an ally of the Republicans in the United States, who are looking for Donald Trump to become U.S. president again.


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