A woman berated a cashier for Spanish TV.
A woman berated a cashier for Spanish TV. Photo: TikTok

Pennsylvania woman goes viral for racist rant against Spanish language TV at Amy’s Pizzeria in Hatboro

A TikTok captured the racist tirade towards a cashier who was questioned about his immigration status after hearing Spanish on the restaurant’s television.


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An white woman from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania is the latest Karen caught in a viral racist moment after delivering a nearly five-minute rant on camera Thursday night, Feb. 23, against a Hispanic cashier at Amy's Pizzeria in Hatboro. 

In the since-deleted TikTok video from user @kellyflores765, who posted it on Reddit Friday, Feb. 24, shows the woman sound off after hearing Spanish programming come from the restaurant’s television that then led her to question the cashier’s immigration status. 

The woman also asked for her money back, saying she would not support a business who allows other languages to be broadcast inside their establishment other than English. As of Friday night, law enforcement is now investigating the video and the situation. 

“What’s wrong with that is you’re not American dude. I will look you the [expletive] up and get you the [expletive] out of our town. [Expletive] you. Give me my money back. I’m not giving my money to some illegal immigrant,” the customer said.

The video filmed by another employee ends just as a police officer enters the pizzeria. The Hatboro P.D. released a statement on their Facebook page that said an officer was responding to Amy’s Pizzeria over a disturbance call and de-escalated the situation. 

"This lady walked into our pizza shop [owned by Hispanics] and heard Spanish coming from our TV and started discriminating us. Not all Spanish speakers are Mexican and it was bold of her to assume so," the pizzeria said in their TikTok post. 

"Discrimination should NOT happen to anyone, no matter who they are nor what their background is. America is a country built by immigrants. I'm so sorry if you have ever experienced something like this,” they added. 

An investigation is on-going. 

“You’re in America,” she says. “You’re supposed to learn English. You’ve got Spanish on your TV. That’s a ‘[expletive] you’ to Americans dude. My [expletive] father was a World War II veteran okay? His friends and family died so you can sit here right now and make money and you’re going to do this kind of [expletive]?” the woman is heard saying. 

She begins to ask for a refund and proceeds to record the situation herself after realizing the restaurant workers were recording her. 

“I’m at Amy’s and I’m being bullied,” the woman says while recording. “I’m being bullied by these people at Amy’s.”

“How are you being bullied?” an employee asks. 

“And because I am white they are videotaping me,” the woman says. “They are videotaping me because I am white. See them? They’re calling me a racist because I am white.”

“No no no,” an employee replies. “We’re calling you a racist because you’re a racist.”

“I am simply asking for a refund because their food is terrible,” the woman says as she continues to record. 

“You said you want a refund because they played Spanish on the TV,” an employee replies. 

“I want a refund on my credit card and they are videotaping me because I am white,” the woman says. “And none of them are white.”

“Hello?! I’m white too,” an employee says. 

Very quickly after the video made the rounds on social media, the restaurant’s Yelp reviews skyrocketed and a crowd of supporters came to the restaurant on Friday to back the business. 

Unfortunately, the video’s virality has led to several false identifications of the women to the point where the Hatboro P.D. had to also ask people in their statement regarding the situation that they stay away from impeding on the investigation. The restaurant issued a follow up statement saying the same.  

"We appreciate all your love and support but we do not support anyone trying to find this woman and accusing innocent people," the post read.

Over the weekend, the Hatboro P.D. released a statement that they had identified the woman and asked the public that they erase whoever they thought it might have been from their minds. 


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