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Paulette has over 16 years of experience in strategy and marketing. Photo: Karla Veliz

Unstoppable Latinas embraces imperfection

Paulette Piñero uses her skills in anti-racism business development to help Latinas create a plan of action to grow their business.


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My college degree opened the doors to follow my passions, just taking a different path.

Paulette Piñero is an award-winning social entrepreneur, brand consultant, writer, and speaker dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for Latinas. Paulette has over 16 years of experience in the social impact field and is skilled in Anti-Racist Business Development, Multicultural Marketing Strategy, and Professional Branding.

Through her company Unstoppable Latina LLC, Paulette guides women of color and gender-expansive entrepreneurs to harness their strengths, amplify their voices, and live their purpose so they transform into the unstoppable CEOs of their small businesses. Additionally, using an equity and justice-focused approach, her business and marketing consulting services strive to create a world where entrepreneurship is diverse, purpose-driven, and joyful. 

Unstoppable Latina

The Boricua admits her human services and social work background allows her to “understand the physical, systemic, and social barriers that Latina entrepreneurs face and guide them to create a plan of action so they can grow their businesses without sacrificing themselves in the process.” This includes the communities around us and the way it impacts decision-making and the different roadblocks that present themselves — something she says “most people with marketing or business degrees struggle [and] fail to understand.” 

Although Paulette’s dream to study computer engineering or UX design lasted only one day in college because she was too scared, resulting in pivoting to social work soon after. Despite spending many years in human services, it wasn’t until focusing on business strategy and innovation that she felt in the right career. 

“Success is personal. We spend so much time focusing on what grandmother wants, what the neighbor said, or ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ that we forget to work on the areas that inspire us to take action,” Paulette commented.

However, launching Unstoppable Latina, or LEAD Media, its original name, was a difficult journey. In March 2020, Piñero was hospitalized with Covid and spent three weeks in the intensive care unit (ICU), barely holding on to life. She recalls being alone, waiting to die, and regretting postponing her dreams of launching a business because the “perfect time” never arrived. 

“It took a lot of effort, therapy, and focusing on my strengths to allow me to see myself as worthy of doing what I love with the knowledge and skills I have today,” said Paulette, who changed the name of her business. The name did not honor the powerhouse bosses she gets to work with. 

Piñero uses various exercises with her clients to teach them how to build and grow an authentic brand, embrace their Latinidad, or redefine the term CEO, essentially addressing the internal and external barriers standing in their way.

She adds, “As Latinas, any emotion tied to a want or desire is shameful.” Therefore, creating a safe environment to start identifying what they want to achieve and the root of the “why” allows her clients to construct a plan to use their career, education, business, money, or even brand as a tool to achieve it. 

Piñero understands the importance of opportunities and personal development—often experiencing discrimination while exploring job opportunities, once mistaken for janitorial staff.  

“Remember that you might be the minority in that environment but are part of the global majority,” said Paulette, who was unable to find a Latinx mentor for many years, choosing to become the mentor she always wanted to have. She credits her college degree and background in human services with being able to “identify red flags and have honest conversations with clients about seeking additional support like a therapist, mentor, or clinician.” 

Paulette is an Amazon Best Seller co-author of the book Extraordinary Latinas. Her work has been featured in Telemundo, Instagram, Muse Careers, Ladders news, Hispanic Executive, Ladies Get Paid, and more. 

She hopes those who read the book “understand that while our Latinidad and cultures might connect us in many beautiful ways, our individual stories and personal sazón [seasoning] is what makes our communities thrive and grow.”

Serving other entrepreneurs and honoring my superpower allows me to collaborate with youth and student-serving organizations to expand my impact.

Harness your strength

Paulette’s motto is “show yourself what’s possible,” which allows her to push herself to collaborate and amplify others, be creative, trust her instincts, continue developing leadership, and create a positive impact around her. 

“Equity work is lifelong work; once you embrace it, it becomes part of your day-to-day,” concluded Paulette. 



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