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Good news for African-American female entrepreneurs. Photo: Pixabay.

Fearless Fund and JPMorgan Chase partner to support African-American female entrepreneurs

$30,000 will be allocated to support them.


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Get Venture Ready (GVR), a program designed exclusively for African American women business owners in the Fintech or workforce development industries, recently announced a new partnership that will provide training and knowledge on the skills needed to gain access to capital.

Fearless Fund, the first venture capital fund created by women of color, for women of color, joins JPMorgan Chase in this comprehensive 12-week program where participants will have the opportunity to present their business for one of three grants for a total of $30,000 at the end of their cohort.

Arian Simone, General Partner of Fearless Fund, pointed out:

Our goal with the GVR program is to create a pipeline of successful, high-growth businesses founded and led by Black women in the Fintech or workforce development industries, with a portion being veteran or veteran spouses.

About GVR

The grants are part of the Fearless Fund and JPMorgan Chase's commitment to empower women of color entrepreneurs and support the growth of their businesses.

To date, the GVR program has provided resources and training to over 1,000 women entrepreneurs of color over the past three years.

“We are proud to partner with JPMorgan Chase to provide these entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to build scalable, sustainable companies that will drive economic growth and break down systemic barriers that have historically prevented women-of-color entrepreneurs from accessing capital,” added Simone.

About Fearless Fund

Launched in 2019, the Fearless Fund invests in WOC-led companies seeking pre-seed, seed level or Series A funding.

In addition to bridging the gap in venture capital funding for women founders of scalable, aggressive growth-build companies of color, the Fearless Fund team also runs The Fearless Foundation, a 501c3 organization with the goal of educating entrepreneurs through training, reduce racial inequities, and empower African-Americans to gain access to capital.

“The increase we’re seeing in women of color pursuing entrepreneurship is encouraging, both in terms of the general increase of women pursuing their passions and the positive impact it can have in communities. We’re grateful to continue our collaboration with Fearless Fund in our shared pursuit to help women of color achieve success within their business Pursuits,” said Byna Elliott, global head of Advancing Black Pathways at JPMorgan Chase. 

The GVR program is now accepting applications for its next Fintech and Workforce Development cohort.


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