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About three years offering technological financial solutions. Photo: Gerd Altmann — Pixabay.

Mexican fintech Kapital raises $65 million to boost its growth in Latam

The company was founded in 2020 by René Saúl, Eder Echeverría and Fernando Sandoval.


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Kapital recently obtained $65 million in a new round of investment raising, resources that will be used specifically to accelerate the development and implementation of technological tools, such as an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

The Series A investment round, with which they also seek to boost their growth in Latin America, especially in Colombia, was co-led by Niya Partners and Tribe Capital, who had the support of Accial, a firm that provided the debt capital.

René Saúl, CEO of Kapital, told Forbes:

You first need to organize the company and then make it grow, so with our solution you have real-time data, a powerful Saas and also credit to grow.

The latest investment round was also joined by a group of investors, including Broom Ventures, DoundersX, Cresset / True Capital Management, Pioneer Fund, Kube VC, MyAsia VC, and Arash Ferdowsi, co-founder of Dropbox.

Accelerated Capitalization

Founded in Mexico in 2020 with the goal of being a key player in financing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America, in total, Kapital has raised more than $30 million in equity and $145 million in debt.

According to its founders, Kapital, which currently has operations in Mexico and Colombia, seeks to become the preferred digital bank for SMEs.

"Financial services have entered an era guided by technology that requires programmatic multi-currency access that does not compromise risk and to continue solving problems for SMEs," Saúl said in a statement.

Kapital was part of Y Combinator in 2022, the same year it expanded to Colombia and launched Kapital Flex, a solution that allows anticipating payments to suppliers and deferring invoices for up to 12 months.

An Ally for Small Businesses

Kapital seeks to boost the growth of the 70% of the business ecosystem that today does not have access to financial products.

Among its portfolio of technological solutions, Kapital highlights its comprehensive financial ERP platform, which allows users to control and automate the entire business, manage a credit card, pay suppliers in advance, monitor and manage cash flow.

Kapital points out that through this algorithm, clients can access predictive analysis that allows them to make important decisions about their businesses.

Many companies didn't know they owed money, even who owed them money,” added Saúl.

To date, and taking into account the progress of its operations in Colombia, Kapital has equipped more than 11,000 SMEs with its 'all-in-one' business platform, with which they ensure that entrepreneurs have control of their businesses in the palm of their hands and can have easier and faster access to credit.


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