Two promotional posters for the documentary series "The Road to Rise" on the right, depicting two people facing each other on steps; and "Founding in Color" on the left, depicting multiple entrepreneurs of color cast in purple, blue, and red light.
Photo courtesy of Comcast.

Comcast announces two new documentaries on entrepreneurs of color

In an ongoing effort to uplift and highlight the successes of entrepreneurs of color, two new docuseries have been made, showing the journey of their careers.


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Comcast has recently announced two documentaries that will go in depth into the lives of entrepreneurs of color as they seek success through their businesses. 

Each docuseries will feature the stories of founders from across the nation, ranging from startups to fully fledged small businesses.

On Thursday, Feb. 16, Comcast will release the second season of the docuseries "Founding in Color" where it will be available for viewing on Peacock and BlackExperience on Xfinity.

Additionally, Comcast’s "The Road to RISE" will premiere the same day, available on X1 on Xfinity.

These two series will delve into what makes them entrepreneurs, their struggles, and how they found success in their own business as entrepreneurs of color.

“At Comcast, we are committed to amplifying the voices of diverse founders — during Black History Month and throughout the year — through various avenues,” said Loren Hudson, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Comcast Cable. 

“We are proud of the work that our teams have done to produce both ‘Founding in Color’ and ‘The Road to RISE.’ We are excited to share these unique and important stories with viewers across the country and inspire the next wave of game-changing entrepreneurs,” she continued.

Founding in Color: Season 2 is a three part series looking into the work of 11 Black and Latino founders as they explain the challenges they face and the intersection between being an entrepreneur, their identity, race, and what it takes to survive as a business founder in today's America.

The entrepreneurs featured are:

  • Maisha Burt, WorkChew (Washington, DC)
  • Ofo Ezeugwu, WhoseYourLandlord (Philadelphia, PA and Brooklyn, NY)
  • Marcus Jimenez, Breefly (Denver, CO)
  • Maryann Kilgallon, Pink Lotus Technologies, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
  • Shontay Lundy, Black Girl Sunscreen (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Dustin D. McMahon, Local Sports Network (Houston, TX)
  • Folasadé Ogunmokun, Unskrypted (Washington, DC)
  • Lorel Scott, Startup Starter (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Rodney Williams, SoLo Funds (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Brandon Winfield, iAccess Innovations (Atlanta, GA)
  • Chris Witherspoon, PopViewers (New York, NY)

In November 2020, Comcast sought to support entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities struggling during the pandemic and created the RISE grant, offering $110 million in grants.

The Road to Rise is a documentary following the lives of four small business owners in four different cities across the nation. The series explores how entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities make their own success.

The entrepreneurs and the companies shown are:


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