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Now consumers can earn and save money with their purchases. Photo: Pixabay.

Cuban entrepreneur presents app for Latino buyers to save and earn money

The technological platform has versions in English and Spanish.


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Pullce is the new digital tool that seeks to revolutionize the technology and personal finance industries.

Created by Ariel Morales, a Cuban immigrant who came to the United States in 2016 after graduating from Cuba's University of Informatics Sciences and working for a few years in Ecuador, the rewards program platform offers discounts and refunds through artificial intelligence and by using virtual assistant "Vanessa," which provides users with suggestions based on spending and purchases that allow them to save and make better financial decisions.

Morales stated:

I feel optimistic to see how Pullce technology is reinventing the systems for savings and personal finances as we know them today.

Thanks to his experience as a technical programmer with an emphasis in finance and a specialty in cloud computing, Morales was able to develop the necessary tools to create this application with their respective versions in English and Spanish.

About Pullce

Integrating functions with which users earn points, save money, receive personalized recommendations, among others, the application performs a comparison process in which the availability and price of popular brand products are evaluated to make a better purchase decision.

Pullce, which works by linking the user's bank account, automatically scans recurring payments for rent, car(s), utilities, phone(s), among others, awards points for each of them, which can be redeemed for gift cards or products, and helps control the user's budget.

“All financial decisions will be more optimal and efficient due to the support of artificial intelligence, which will be part of our everyday life,” added Morales.

Easy to use app

After downloading the application, available on IOS and Android, users accumulate points by scanning the receipts of any purchase in different stores, restaurants or gas stations in the United States.

Highlighting how the Pullce experience will be better the more points you earn, the app also invites you to refer friends to get it. The benefits can be redeemed in the market section.

Advantages for businesses 

Thanks to the fact that Pullce offers its community of users the products and services of nearby businesses, the application is presented as an excellent alternative for merchants who can thus increase their flow of customers.

Currently, Pullce provides deals and discounts on popular brands, such as Adidas, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, Gap, Office Depot, among others.

“Being part of the merchant network expands the visibility of a merchant’s brand, business or product and accesses detailed customer segmentation with instant reports and analytics. Vanessa, the virtual assistant, will also give recommendations on operations and how to improve the business,” notes Pullce.

Click here for more information on Pullce Merchant.


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