Clif Kid promo graphic displaying a climate neutrality certification.
Promotional image with the special seal. Graphic: Business Wire.

Clif Kid, the first brand of children's snacks displaying a climate neutrality certification

It is an important achievement that is expected to be followed by other food and beverage companies.



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Clif Bar recently announced that its brand of kids' snack bars has achieved the milestone of earning this certificate, a recognition that comes thanks to the company's long-standing sustainability program.

Sarah Beaubien, senior director of Impact and Sustainability at Clif Bar, remarked:

At Clif Bar, we’re inspired by the challenge of running a business that strives to help create a healthier, more sustainable world.

Emphasizing the brand's commitment to reduce its environmental footprint, from the field to the final product, CLIF Kid joins the growing movement of brands achieving the Climate Neutral Certified standard.

About the Certificate

Carbon labeling is achieved by measuring annual greenhouse gas emissions and taking steps to reduce and offset all remaining emissions through verified offset projects that deliver environmental and social benefits, such as reducing fossil fuel use to improve energy efficiency, air quality, and the health of local communities.

Climate Neutral Certified, recognized as the leading consumer label for climate neutrality, is awarded to organizations that take responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions generated by the production and delivery of their goods and services.

This achievement for our CLIF Kid brand further reinforces our commitment to climate action by working to address our greenhouse gas emissions both now and into the future. We are proud to feature Climate Neutral Certification on the CLIF Kid packaging to help our consumers make informed choices for their kids and the planet,” added Beaubien.

CLIF Kid Earth Month

Through a partnership with Climate Kids, CLIF Kid highlights resources that provide small steps families can take together, including cultivating honest conversations and caring for our planet.

In addition, CLIF Kid joined long-time green activist and CLIF Athlete Partner Tommy Caldwell to share a parent's perspective and focus on conversations around climate hope and green action for families.

As an athlete who is very passionate about the environment, and as a parent, it’s important to me that brands like CLIF Kid demonstrate a clear commitment to bettering our planet. “I’m proud to support CLIF Kid in helping educate families this Earth Month on ways to be more environmentally focused and instill a sense of ‘climate hope’ within the home. It’s my belief that a child who develops a passion for the planet at an early age will carry that with them for the rest of their life,” stressed Caldwell.


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