Microsoft headquarters.
The technology giant extends its operation in Latin America. Photo: Tawanda Razika — Pixabay.

Nearshoring rush: Microsoft strengthens investment in Mexico

The Aztec country has become the Latin American epicenter of global companies relocation.



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Thanks to the policies approved to make Mexico a power in nearshoring, which has allowed a significant number of multinational companies from different parts of the world to transfer some of their industrial and commercial operations to Mexican soil, every day more businesses announce their intention to be part of this market.

Microsoft recently announced that it will carry out supply work in the region to allow Mexican companies, which are beginning to benefit from this phenomenon, to reach their maximum technological potential through services, such as the Azure platform and M365.

Forbes México highlighted the intervention of Rafael Sánchez, general director of Microsoft México, during the panel “Artificial Intelligence: Your window to the future,” in Querétaro.

Sánchez pointed out:

At this time, what companies must rethink is not the technological transformation, but how they are going to take advantage of what is emerging at this moment to integrate it into the processes quickly and be able to take advantage.

Welcome to Mexico

Thanks to its proximity with the United States, Mexico has recently become the Latin American epicenter for company relocation.

Likewise, specialists consider that, in addition to its geographical virtues, Mexico continues to promote nearshoring thanks to the fact that it has a young, creative population with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Taking all this into account, Microsoft plans to become a technology accelerator capable of providing companies with the right tools to strengthen their competitiveness.

Omar Khan, global cloud director at Microsoft, told the same publication that the company is advancing plans to provide a faster, more secure connection capable of efficiently linking Mexico globally.

Through the 'Central Mexico' initiative, the technology giant is expanding the technological infrastructure in this country to reduce latency, which means that the response time between the point of origin of the information and the point of arrival will be shorter.

Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence

Seeking to support programs related to sustainable development, the growth of human capital and the strengthening of companies, the Microsoft Data Center recently began operations in Querétaro.

In addition to offering access to cloud tools such as Microsoft Azure, a virtualization-based platform, or M365, which reduces license costs by up to 60%, through the platform it is possible to reduce artificial intelligence administration costs by up to 40%.

“Talking about artificial intelligence is no longer a promise but a reality. Currently, various processes can be intervened in the plant to benefit the manufacturing sector,” explained Gabriel Andrada, director of cloud solutions for Microsoft Latin America, and Francisco Corona, director of cloud services and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft Mexico.

The adoption of technologies and the development of processes based on artificial intelligence are necessary for the development of Mexican SMEs, something that Microsoft understands and seeks to accelerate through continuous improvements.

It is important to highlight that hand in hand with the technological and commercial advances that nearshoring promotes, it is important that companies work on issues of education and training of human talent, at the same time that they must promote labor policies that highlight diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as requirements to grow.


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