Cocina Azteca, restaurant, image to illustrate Square payment tools.
Ease of payment for customers regardless of location. Photo: Square.

Square and its electronic business solutions are now available in Spanish

Business owners in the United States will have full access to the company's payment ecosystem in their own language.



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Square, a business solutions company that offers software developed specifically to manage complex restaurant, retail and professional service operations, recently announced that its entire portfolio of products and services is now available in Spanish for U.S. sellers.

Empowerment for Hispanic Businesses

With the goal of empowering diverse populations, such as the Latino community, as well as ensuring that the more than 4.65 million businesses with Spanish-speaking owners can make use of these resources, Square facilitates access to the services of its platform to take full advantage of products such as powerful point-of-sale hardware, affordable financial tools, and streamlined management solutions for people, such as Square Banking, which enables access to financial services, and Square for Restaurants, which enables bilingual and optimized communication between sales and administration staff.

“Our families have been serving Salvadorean comfort food to the LA community for generations. imes have definitely changed since the days when my grandmother sold food out of a cart in a nearby market. In order to stay ahead of the curve and take our next big leaps, we’ve used tools like Square Loans, Square for Restaurants, and Square’s Checking and Savings accounts to grow our business and make improvements to meet our vision and the needs of our customers. Being able to access tools like these in Spanish makes an enormous difference to us and similar businesses who don’t always get a fair shake at other financial institutions,” stated Stephanie Figueroa, co-founder of La Pupusa Urban Eatery in Los Angeles.

Square Ecosystem

Through four niche verticals, Square equips sellers with essential capabilities for their businesses:

Commerce: Square ensures that businesses can close sales at all times, whether in person, on the phone, online or through social networks. Its commercial products include the following solutions:

  • Square Point of Sale
  • Square for Restaurants
  • Square for Retail
  • Square Appointments
  • Square Stand
  • Square Terminal
  • Square Register

Banking: Square offers an attractive option for entrepreneurs who have faced difficulties when dealing with traditional financial institutions, advising them so that they can save, spend money and obtain loans efficiently and as quickly as they need thanks to the services that are integrated directly to the point of sale:

  • Square Savings
  • Square Checking
  • Square Debit Card
  • Square Loans

Staff: Square's integrated services for people give business owners and managers the tools they need to build successful teams with full payroll service, automated tax filings, and employee benefits. These services include the following options:

  • Square Payroll
  • Team Management

Customers: Square helps businesses communicate with customers and build lasting relationships with them. To help sellers attract and retain customers and build lasting relationships with them, it offers:

  • Square Loyalty
  • Square Marketing
  • Gift Cards

Small Businesses Favored

Square shares data from the Small Business Administration (SBA) indicating that Hispanic-owned businesses represent 14% of all businesses in the United States, making them the fastest growing segment of small businesses in the country.

Also, according to recent information from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), about 12.2% of Hispanic families in the U.S. still do not have bank accounts, while according to a Stanford University study, the odds of national banks approving a loan are 60% lower for Spanish-owned businesses than for their white counterparts when evaluating business performance.

“Since our founding, Square has been committed to providing businesses with the tools and services they need to thrive. As Hispanic-owned businesses continue to contribute enormously to the economy, these entrepreneurs have looked for solutions like Square to make their lives easier. Because Square succeeds when our sellers succeed, we’ve made an important effort to ensure that as we expand globally, our entire ecosystem is available in Spanish here in the United States. What sets Square apart is our ability to help merchants run every part of their business on one integrated, streamlined platform. Starting today, Spanish-speaking businesses will be able to unlock its full potential and better use it to start, run, and grow their businesses,” highlighted Alyssa Henry, Head of Square.


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