Bacardí CEO, Mahesh Madhavan, and director of Supply Chain, Dave Ingram, plant a cedar sapling in Bermuda.
Bacardí CEO Mahesh Madhavan and Director of Supply Chain Dave Ingram, plant a cedar sapling in Bermuda. Photo: Business Wire.

Bacardí celebrates its 161st anniversary by planting a tree for every employee

With the initiative, the company hopes to convert 2.5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide.



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In addition to supporting biodiversity and helping local communities through a new tree-planting program, Bacardí will also celebrate its Founder's Day on Feb. 4.

The trees, planted as part of Bacardí's 161st birthday, were planted by all of the company's employees, who received a bottle of the anniversary edition of Bacardí Carta Blanca, along with a QR code that will allow them to plant their own tree and then track its progress and positive impact through an online platform.

Mahesh Madhavan, Bacardí Limited CEO, noted:

As a family-owned company, doing the right thing is in our DNA, and all of us at Bacardi share that passion for taking care of the environment.

Bacardí for corporate sustainability

Part of Bacardí's extensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) program, called Good Spirited, enables the company to take bold steps to restore communities, revitalize natural ecosystems and revolutionize the way it does business.

The trees will be planted in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Ecuador and Madagascar, areas where Bacardí sources some of the botanicals and raw materials it uses to make its portfolio of premium-quality alcoholic beverages, and will represent 11 different species carefully selected to maximize the benefits for each location and community.

“By creating our very own Bacardí forests, we can all take pride in having our own positive impact and being part of our company’s legacy for the next 161 years and beyond,” added Madhavan.

Back to Bacardí's roots

Hoping to regenerate and protect a beach in Puerto Rico badly affected by hurricane damage in recent years, Bacardí will plant 161 coconut trees in an area close to the home of the world's largest premium-quality rum distillery and where it produces its signature rum.

The initiative also pays tribute to the company's legendary coconut tree, 'El Coco,' which was planted in front of the first Bacardí distillery in Cuba and became the company's symbol of strength and resilience.

In Bermuda, where Bacardí's global headquarters are located, the company will plant 100 cedar saplings in one of the island's nature reserves. A prized and symbolic tree in Bermuda, the cedar supports biodiversity by providing a crucial nesting site for birds like the native Blue Jay.

"We care deeply about the farmers who grow our beautiful ingredients and take great pride in the strong relationships we’ve spent decades building with these communities. Planting these trees on their doorsteps is another way of giving back as we invest in their future and in protecting the environment for generations to come,” said Dave Ingram, chief supply chain officer of Bacardí Limited.

To find more information about Bacardí and its ESG commitments, including its alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, click here.


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