Yvette Núñez has joined Econsult Solution's 93-member advisory board. Photo: Jensen Toussaint/AL DÍA News (Archives).
Yvette Núñez has joined Econsult Solution's 93-member advisory board. Photo: Jensen Toussaint/AL DÍA News (Archives).

Yvette Núñez is a new senior advisor for Econsult Solutions

She is also vice president of communications & marketing for UnidosUS, and will use this newest role to continue advocating for progress in diverse communities.


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With a career that has spanned more than 20 years in communications and the nonprofit sector, Yvette Núñez has often used her platform to serve. 

Currently, she serves as vice president of communications and marketing for UnidosUS, the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the nation. 

In her role, she is responsible for leading the strategy and implementation of integrated marketing communications initiatives for institutional and issue-specific campaigns, while also managing day-to-day operations of the marketing and communications department. 

She and her team is responsible for institutional communications, programmatic communications, policy communications, media relations, social media and digital communications, brand management, advertising, content creation, and event/conference strategy and planning.

Earlier this month, Núñez added a new role of service to her repertoire, joining the advisory board for Econsult Solutions, Inc., as a senior advisor. 

Econsult Solutions is a multidisciplinary firm that provides businesses and policy makers with economic consulting services, including urban economics, real estate economics, transportation, public infrastructure, development, public policy and finance, community and neighborhood development, planning, as well as expert witness services for litigation support. 

"Economics, policy and strategy is the intersection from which progress for our communities is birthed. It is that progress to which I have dedicated my career, and which aligns exactly with Econsult Solutions’ work,” Núñez told AL DÍA about joining the board. 

The advisory board for Econsult currently consists of 93 individuals, all of whom have held significant positions in business, government, institutional and nonprofit organizations. 

“As a consulting firm, it is increasingly important for us to be seen as thought leaders,” said Lee Huang, President and Principal of Econsult Solutions, in an interview with AL DÍA.

In the senior advisor role, each is responsible for helping assist in marketing, project development, and project implementation. 

Familiar with her work in her previous roles, including as vice president of civic affairs at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, it was Huang who reached out to Núñez about the opportunity to join.

“I knew a little bit about the kind of skills that she gained at the Chamber and now what she’s using in her current role, and I felt that that perspective would be really helpful for us to add to the senior advisor team,” said Huang. 

“The caliber of the leadership team and Senior Advisors at Econsult Solutions Inc. made this invitation a compliment to my career and contributions to Philadelphia communities,” Núñez added. 

While with the Chamber, Núñez previously worked with the firm in 2019 on the Defining Growth for Philadelphia report, which outlined patterns of growth throughout Philadelphia in relation to nine peer cities and pinpointed the geographies where the community is making progress and where it is falling behind. 

Commissioning that report opened up the possibility for Núñez to work with Econsult again down the road. 

“They are not only excellent at what they do, but they are refreshingly collaborative. I believe that's how they've been able to attract advisors from so many different backgrounds and spheres of influence,” said Núñez. 

While this latest partnership is less than a month old, Huang shared that they have already gotten into a  good rhythm.

“She’s been very dynamic in thinking about how her areas of subject matter expertise can be of help to us and open doors for us,” said Huang. 

To be a successful consulting firm, it is Huang’s belief that there is a responsibility to seek out, amplify and uphold diversity and the voices of diverse groups of people. 

“Practically speaking, much of our work is in cities and cities are where diverse groups of people come together,” he said. “If we want to speak into what’s going on for cities, if we want to speak into what’s next for cities, then we ourselves have to reflect those diverse perspectives.”

In each role, including her current one with UnidosUS, Núñez has been a voice for diverse communities and those who have been marginalized.

This latest endeavor as a senior advisor for Econsult simply adds another dimension to that very important mission. 


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