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Introducing the National Hispanic Volunteer Network HLX+

The launch is made within the framework of Hispanic Heritage Month, to be celebrated in September.


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September 27th, 2023

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September 26th, 2023

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September 20th, 2023


HLX+, a national network of thought leaders dedicated to advocating and celebrating the achievements, heritage and the rich culture of the U.S. Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latine/Afro-Latino/Asian-Latino/Chicano/Tejano and more, recently launched a new national network of volunteers.

Edgar Carreón, co-founder of HLX+, said in a press release:

The HLX+ mission is to share culturally relevant insights, promote advocacy and drive community impact that empowers progress with an intentional focus catering to the underserved segment of the population.


HLX+ will work to connect brands and organizations with authentic voices from the community, through 5 focus areas, also called Los Puentes/ The Bridges:

  1. Education
  2. Health + Wellness
  3. Entrepreneurship + Economic Progress
  4. Representation + Gender Equity
  5. Culture, Arts + Entertainment

Cultural Celebration

"This Hispanic Heritage Month, HLX+ will showcase inspiring stories of hope, resilience, and success, while fostering unity and empowering future generations with historical facts, cultural knowledge and insights, in the spirit of always advocating for progress,” added Carreón.

During the celebration, HLX+ will launch a series of programs that highlight the diverse talents, achievements, and cultural traditions of this vibrant community through:

  1. Educational Resources: HLX+ will launch Los Puentes Podcast with a goal to reach 150,000 Latinos in the first 12 months - in five (5) areas of focus, Los Puentes Podcast will host and curate episodes featuring thought leaders POV's on current news, trends and share data and insights bringing awareness to current topics and obstacles the HLX+ community encounters on the road to progress. Serving as a valuable educational tool to deepen an understanding and appreciation for Latino history, contributions, and experiences.
  2. Cultural Showcase: The Annual HLX+ Advocate & Changemakers Summit, taking place Oct. 6, 2023, will accentuate the diverse fabric of cultures coming together to learn, grow and celebrate as one family. HLX+ will share insights and showcase the benefits and impact of Latino diversity during a full day of moderated panels, culinary arts, live performances and more.
  3. Spotlight on Success: Partnering with various media organizations across the country, HLX+ will launch a national campaign highlighting the achievements of Hispanics across multiple sectors.  By showcasing these success stories, HLX+ aims to inspire future generations and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

"HLX+ strives to be the leading local impact advocate for U.S. Hispanics and a last mile community partner to corporate brands and organizations,” said Nancy Rosado-Santiago, Co-Founder of HLX+ and Time101 honoree. 

About HLX+

HLX+ promotes a safe and inclusive space that welcomes people of all backgrounds to learn, celebrate and interact with the Hispanic community.

By promoting understanding, appreciation, and recognition, this national network aims to foster unity, pride, and break down systemic barriers that impede progress.

"It is our core mission to set the standards of engagement and be the bridge of progress for our community, resonating its impact across the nation, transcending any barriers together and creating a brighter future for all,” added Rosado-Santiago.


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