Latina executive on the office.
It seeks to inspire the new generation of Latina executives. Photo: Pixabay.

LatinaVIDA expands to foster the next generation of diverse leaders

A new alliance with different companies seeks to develop talent in diverse communities.


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The nonprofit organization, which empowers and equips Latinas and diverse first-generation professionals to overcome systemic barriers in the workplace through culturally relevant leadership programs, recently announced the expansion of its renowned mission to inspire the next generation of these female executives to advance their careers and to be a strategic partner to companies seeking to recruit, retain and promote diverse talent from historically underrepresented groups.

Tammy Ramos, J.D., Executive Director of LatinaVIDA, stated:

As we expand our mission, we are eager to collaborate with organizations who are looking for real solutions to talent development, talent recruitment and leadership training internally.

LatinaVIDA Values

Integrity, collaboration, diversity, inclusion, authenticity, and determination are some of the values that the organization highlights and uses to support any leader who wants to advance and own their profession.

Through collaboration with various corporate sponsors, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and goals are transformed into concrete plans that deliver positive outcomes for members of diverse communities who aspire to leadership roles.

LatinaVIDA, which was founded by successful Latina business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and board members, continues strengthening to continue supporting diverse first-generation professionals, while continuing to forge partnerships with forward-thinking organizations seeking to create diverse and inclusive workplaces.

“We seek to strategize with organizations so that they can create an infrastructure that supports a diverse succession plan, a pipeline of diverse talent, and an inclusive company culture,” added Ramos. 

Data of Interest

According to a report shared by LatinaVIDA, the number of Latino/Hispanic and Asian-American CEOs at S&P 500 and Fortune 500 companies has grown over the past decade, however, black representation at Fortune 500 companies at the CEO remains stagnant. Likewise, the results presented among Latino, Asian American, Black and Native American professionals show that these groups are underrepresented in executive and leadership roles in all industries.

About LatinaVIDA

Founded in 2014 as a 501c3 public benefit corporation with a mission to inspire the next generation of Latina executives to reach the top of their careers, today LatinaVIDA has expanded its mission to include all first-generation professionals of color who share similar life experiences and challenges to advance their careers.


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