Lambert was only 23-years-old when she opened up her own restaurant.
Lambert was only 23-years-old when she opened up her own restaurant.

How LesbiVeggies, a Black-owned cafe, had business booming amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Founder Brennah Lambert has found her passion for food in creating her spot in Audubon, NJ.


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Going into business was something Brennah Lambert, owner of LesbiVeggies in Audubon, N.J, always knew she wanted to do for herself.

What she didn’t know was that the opportunity to do so would be in the restaurant business, which would turn into her passion.

“I don't have a traditional background in cooking,” Lambert said in a recent interview with AL DÍA News. “I went vegan about three years ago and just over time I kept with it.”

Before she opened up her brick-and-mortar location, Lambert created a modest and successful meal prep business catered to people who wanted to lose weight.

Soon enough, she was devoted to creating special recipes for people embracing vegan lifestyles.

Three years later, Lambert opened her storefront in Feb. 2021, with much of society still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the challenge, Lambert was determined to move forward with her endeavor.

“When the pandemic hit I kind of kept doing what I was doing, I didn't stop,” she said.

With a degree in Business from Rutgers and a strong love for clean and healthy cooking, Lambert was focused on creating her urban eatery with the help of her family.

“My grandfather helped me alot, he painted the walls for me, my mom and I put tables up,” said Lambert.

She also made it a goal to never use processed foods in her dishes.

“I know a lot of mainstream restaurants used meat replacement products and that is something that I stay away from,” she said.

It didn't take too long for locals to catch a glimpse of Lambert’s eatery and before she knew it, vegan and non-vegan customers were stopping by every day to try her zucchini corn fritters and coconut curry noodles to name a few popular items.

She soon figured out that cooking and serving up different kinds of dishes every day allowed to express her creativity and gave her an outlet, which she always longed for.

“People sometimes separate their creative life and work, but I am happy to be able to have both, which is something that I always wanted to do,” she said.

On top of dishing out healthier foods to locals, Lambert is also proud to call herself a Black-owned, Queer-owned business, and hopes to bring people together when they visit.

Her space gives off warm and cozy vibes while still maintaining a warm dining experience.

She also wanted to give her customers many food options to choose from, like peach cobbler pancakes that are hearty and delicious.

They are made with classic batter, then topped with a peach compote, caramelized pecans, cinnamon and warm syrup on top.

Another classic that sells out quickly are her birria tacos.

“They are made with jackfruit and are stewed in a consomme sauce, which is a blend of dried peppers, onions, tomatoes and spices, the jackfruit goes in there and it is super flavorful, '' said Lambert.

The tacos are then pan-seared and served with the consomme sauce as a dip with cilantro lime rice on the side.

If you are in Audubon and want to try something daring, check out LesbiVeggies on 112 W. Merchant St.


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