Graphic: Sorenson Communications Linkedin. 
Graphic: Sorenson Communications Linkedin. 

Sorenson Communications names Jorge Rodriguez its first Latino CEO

The tech and telecommunications veteran will reinforce his company’s commitment to diverse communities, particularly for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. 


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Sorenson Communications is welcoming its first Latino chief executive officer with its recent appointment of Jorge Rodriguez into the role.

Rodriguez’s latest executive role will draw upon his three decades of leadership experience in telecommunications, management and international business. 

In a Jan. 18 announcement, Rodriguez was praised for his “ability to unify, focus, and identify and develop resources” that “will support Sorenson’s mission of delivering services to new and existing customers, as well as diverse communities.” 

“He also has great experience in regulated businesses and is uniquely qualified to build on the company’s strong compliance culture,” said David Posnick, a member of Sorenson’s board of directors and senior managing director of Sorenson’s majority owner, Blackstone Credit. 

In this role, Rodriguez will help support the company’s goal of expanding critical communication and interpreting services to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, while also promoting new opportunities for equity and inclusion. 

Earlier this month, Sorenson announced the launch of a number of new programs and initiatives to support American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, who critically serve the company’s Deaf customers. 

Some of the new initiatives include: expanding interpreter education programs and opportunities, adjusting compensation for qualifying Sorenson interpreters, hiring approximately 1,000 additional interpreters this year, reimbursement for interpreters who attain professional certification and promoting increased community service.

Following the announcement of his new position, Rodriguez expressed feeling honored to join the company.

“Over the years, I have seen the difference companies can make in people’s lives,” he said.

“Sorenson’s mission is noble, and the dedication to serving customers is impressive. Every day, Sorenson employees connect people across languages, cultures and communities … I look forward to a bright future as we work together to expand our capabilities,” Rodriguez added. 

Prior to joining Sorenson, Rodriguez served as president and CEO of multiple América Móvil companies, including Claro Enterprise Solutions and Telvista, Inc. 

More recently, he launched Claro Enterprise Solutions’ expansion into Western Europe and established an integrated channel management program across the U.S. market to support an aggressive growth strategy. 

Throughout his time there, he has established global alliances, leveraged technology to drive next-generation capabilities for enterprise customers and served on multiple América Móvil company boards. 

Rodriguez’s three-decade-long career in the telecommunications and IT industries in both domestic and international markets also include various executive positions at AT&T and AT&T Latin America. Roles included vice president of corporate operations, vice president of sales and operations, and regional vice president. 

While at AT&T and AT&T LA, he launched startup operations across Latin America, established fully integrated regional operations in support of global clients, and was also a board member of several AT&T LA operating companies. 

Rodriguez is a graduate of Colgate University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology. He later went on to earn a master’s degree in technology from Columbia University, and an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sorenson has been a critical lifeline in ensuring that the most vital messages can be delivered to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities across North America. 

Founded in 2003, Sorenson has always existed upon the premise that access to communication is a fundamental human right for all, connecting people by delivering a bevy of the world’s most trusted products and services, including vide o relay and in-person, on-demand interpreting for people who are Deaf or use American Sign Language. 

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there are approximately 37 million Deaf and hard-of-hearing people living in the United States.


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