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Latina Influencers: New study shows they feel underrepresented

As they become more popular in marketing spaces, the gap with other genres and cultures in the content industry continues to widen.


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SocialPubli, the leading influencer marketing micro-platform, recently announced the release of “The Latina Influence 2022 Industry Report,” which highlights the key motivations, preferences, and behaviors of Latina influencers and content creators.

A growing market

According to the latest demographic studies, which present Hispanic communities with a significant increase in their purchasing power, the scenario for Latino influencers is propitious to influence the purchase decisions of these populations, especially thanks to the fact that they are grouped in the industries that place a premium on trust and authenticity, such as lifestyle (34.2%), beauty (18.8%), and family and parenting (17.1%).

However, in the midst of this promising panorama for influencers, it is the Latinas who are dedicated to this marketing segment who have expressed not feeling well represented (68.6%), an issue that should generate concern, as well as the search for a new approach by companies.

Ismael El-Qudsi, CEO of SocialPubli, stated:

Latina influencers value working with brands that are committed to diversity and inclusion. 98.3 % of Latina influencers consider a brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion when deciding whether to collaborate with them, and 64.4 % rank diversity and inclusion as a “very important” differentiator.

Key findings 

  • More than 50% of Latina influencers surveyed have at least four years of experience working with brands.
  • Nearly 60% of Latina influencers surveyed are full-time content creators.
  • Around 20% of Latina influencers surveyed earn more than $50,000 from their influencer marketing work.
  • 53.4% of Latina influencers do not believe they are paid fairly for their influence work, and 60.7% believe their ethnicity affects the rates they are offered for influence campaigns.

“As more brands seek to authentically connect with the Hispanic consumer, it’s important to address this sentiment among Latina influencers and the need for more visibility and representation. Latinos are not only America’s second fastest-growing minority group, they also boast the highest rate of entrepreneurship of any race in the U.S.,” added El-Qudsi.

More findings 

  • 44.1% of Latina influencers earn a high percentage of their income through content production, specifically sponsored content partnerships with brands.
  • Instagram continues to be the platform of choice for Latina influencers, but TikTok follows in second place. 70.3% pointed to Instagram as their main source of income. 52.1% of Latina influencers surveyed plan to focus on Instagram as their primary opportunity for brand collaborations over the next six to 12 months, while 38.5% of respondents plan to take advantage of TikTok's growing advertiser base.
  • 48.3% of Latina influencers surveyed said they use influencer platforms to connect with brands.

“A growing number of Latina influencers are approaching content creation as a legitimate, full-time career path, but our research shows they’re continuing to face roadblocks when it comes to equal treatment and fair compensation from brands. As the lines between content creator, entrepreneur and influencer continue to blur, brands have ready and willing Latina influencers seeking partnerships. They must seize the opportunity to buy in further and invest more deeply in the value generated through Latina influencers’ deep connections with their online communities,” concluded El-Qudsi.

Study methodology

SocialPubli conducted research through an online survey during August 2022. In total, 118 US-based Latina influencers responded.


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