TDCX at the New York stock exchange.
TDCX celebrates its first listing anniversary. Photo: Business Wire.

TDCX launches foundation with a focus on digital inclusion

The company thus ratifies its commitment to empowering people.


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The high-growth provider of digital customer experience (CX) solutions to blue chip and technology companies, recently announced the launch of the TDCX Foundation.

Through positive transformation that includes the improvement of local communities and the promotion of environmental sustainability, the Foundation will help enhance TDCX's existing corporate social responsibility programs and drive social impact for diverse communities, particularly in bridging the digital divide.

Laurent Junique, CEO and Founder of TDCX, stated:

As an enabler of the digital economy, we believe in the power of technology to better lives. Through technology, we can break down barriers, equalizing access to education, financial and healthcare services and economic opportunities.

Digital inclusion

The TDCX Foundation will foster digital inclusion by providing funding for initiatives that provide access to technology, connectivity, IT equipment, and the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy.

“We want to not only help our clients and employees reap the benefits of a digital world but play a part in connecting people from disadvantaged backgrounds to the opportunities that technology brings. Through the TDCX Foundation, we will be able to go even further in giving back to the community,” added Junique.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, TDCX has implemented more than 150 projects, helping more than 54,000 beneficiaries.

Current initiatives include:

  • Be Greener: To help reduce climate change
  • Be Happier: To nurture communities.
  • Be Kinder: To improve local communities.

One of the organizations that the TDCX Foundation is working with is the World Vision Foundation of Thailand, which will receive funding to digitize a school library in the rural highlands of Udon Thani province to improve the learning environment. The school library will be equipped with digital equipment such as computers, laptops, and educational software.


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