Wildfire on the mountains next to a lake.
Every year there is a new wildfire season. Photo: Pixabay.

New philanthropic approach against disasters presented by the Latino Community Foundation (LCF)

The effort to combat wildfires in California was highlighted.


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Marking a sad anniversary of five years since the start of fire seasons in California's forests, LCF Equidad's Just Recovery Partnership program recently announced a strategy to help Latino families most affected during these disasters.

In addition to reflecting on the lessons learned and celebrating the civic victories of grassroots leaders, the LCF seeks to address this environmental phenomenon by empowering Latino and Indigenous communities to safely thrive.

Fight against forest fires

The LCF Just Recovery Partnership grew out of its Wildfire Relief Fund launched in 2017, applying a model of investing in grassroots leadership to drive a just recovery that transforms the region and the state.

These are the most outstanding milestones of its actions:

  • LCF has invested more than $4 million in Latino nonprofits.
  • It supported the creation of the nation's first UndocuFund and prioritized civic and economic power for Latino immigrant families.
  • Together, Latino nonprofits have increased voter turnout by 12%, census participation by 2%, and Latino representation in government-led recovery efforts.
  • They mobilized more than $45 million in financial assistance for essential workers and their families.

“While fire season has been an annual event in California, it has become a nearly year-round season with climate change and the intensifying drought. California wildfires have deep impacts in the Latino community. Data shows that Latinos are twice as likely to live in the areas most threatened by wildfire. LCF’s visionary Just Recovery Partnership ensures that Latinos are front and center in developing solutions for climate change and community resilience,” pointed out LCF.

Important event

To honor the work of frontline communities and address systemic conditions that have put Latino, Indigenous, and migrant communities at risk, on October 7 between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. an important meeting will be held in Sonoma, CA.

At the event, LCF, which is currently helping to establish the California UndocuFund Network, will release its “Revolutionizing Disaster Philanthropy” report that urges philanthropic leaders to prioritize Latino nonprofit infrastructure and funding at the intersections of the racial, economic and climate justice.


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