Frame from Pixar's animated movie "Out".
Frame from Pixar's animated movie Out.

'Out': Disney Pixar's short film to celebrate Pride Month

Pixar made a short film available to everyone for free in addition to other initiatives for LGBTQ+ Pride Month.


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In commemoration of Pride Month, Pixar released the animated short film Out, and is offering it for free. Steven Clay Hunter directed and wrote the short, and is known for his work on scenes in Finding Nemo and WALL-E.

Out follows the protagonist, Greg, as he struggles to tell his family about his boyfriend Manuel while in the process of moving out. When his parents show up to help him with the move, Greg frantically shooes his boyfriend away and hides any evidence of their relationship.

With a little push and the cosmic interference of his dog, Greg finds the strength to come out to his family.

The animated short is Pixar's first attempt to feature an openly gay character as a protagonist, and in which it shows a gay couple kissing.

Before its release, Pixar offered an explanation that touched on their intention to use a watercolor aesthetic for the video. The animators wanted to make sure there was room for mistakes, so viewers could "feel the handheld history finding its way with the tears and imperfections along the way."

In addition to Out, Disney has taken the initiative to program a series of releases in Latin America for LGBTQ+ Pride Day. The short film El Princesito (The Little Prince) highlights historically rooted stereotypes often still present in the relationship between parents and their kids. The animation invites viewers to reflect on the whole family.

Also available to stream is The Gender Revolution, which examines the role of science, politics and culture in the construction of gender. For one month, Disney will also be able to enjoy a selection of Disney songs on the Disney Pride global playlist, which will be available on digital platforms.


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