Latina actress Eva Longoria produces the “Sister of the Underground” podcast with Dania Ramírez. Photo: Getty.
Latina actress Eva Longoria produces the 'Sisters of the Underground' podcast with Dania Ramírez. Photo: Getty Images.

'Sisters of the Underground' shows the resistance of Dominican women against Trujillo

The Mirabal sisters' struggle against Dictator Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic will be recounted in a podcast produced by Eva Longoria.


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The Sisters of the Underground podcast tells the story of the Dédé sisters, María Teresa, Patria and Antonia María Mirabal, Dominican activists who fought for the freedom of the Dominican Republic during the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo.

The Mirabal sisters sought the emancipation of the Dominican people from a regime that lasted 30 years and committed at least 50,000 murders. It also carried out a genocide in Haiti, causing between 20,000 and 30,000 deaths, known today as "The Parsley Massacre."

The cast of the Sister of the Underground podcast is comprised of Judy Reyes (as Minerva Mirabal), Celinés Toribio (as Dédé Mirabal), Sharlene Taulé (Maria Teresa Mirabal), Akari Endo (Patria Mirabal), Sergio Carlo (Manolo), Hemky Madera (Trujillo) and Dania Ramírez as Minou Taváres Mirabal (The Narrator).

The program is produced by the actresses and executive producers Eva Longoria and Dania Ramírez, who point to the importance of women's struggle to motivate social and political change in Latin America.

"I am so excited for audiences to hear the incredible story of the Mirabal sisters in this captivating and immersive format. They are true heroes and their story is an important example of the great need for all of our community's stories to be heard, seen. We are proud to have assembled an incredibly talented team of Dominican actors and writers to help tell this story in the most authentic and fresh way possible and continue to give Latino stories a platform to shine," Longoria said in a statement from iHeartMedia, the world's leading podcast publisher.

“I am honored to have partnered with Eva Longoria, iHeartMedia and My Cultura Podcast Network in association with School of Humans Audio Productions. We were given the freedom to bring in a Dominican writer-director José María Cabral, a Dominican-American co-writer Mary Castellanos, and a cast of talented Dominican actors to give listeners the most authentic interpretation of this historic moment,” said Ramirez.

Both actresses also believe the story will empower women who are still seeking to conquer spaces of equality.

“I feel like I fight hard all the time. I think anything worthwhile is going to be a fight. I think as women today, it's interesting to see that we're still fighting that fight,” Ramírez told TODAY.

“We fight for everything, every day. Women have to be twice as good, twice as efficient, twice as fast, twice as prepared and that is still the reality,” added Longoria.

Sisters of the Underground premiered at the end of August and episodes are available on Apple Podcasts. The series will have a total of eight episodes, which are broadcast weekly.

The iHeartMedia program is part of the My Cultura Podcast Network, a platform dedicated to elevating the voices and stories of the Latino community in the United States.


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