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Cine Youth Fest, the moment of Latin short films on “Representation”

The 10 independent short films runner ups will be broadcast exclusively online.


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HITN-TV, a leading Spanish-language media company, celebrates talented young Latino filmmakers through this virtual film festival taking place October 9-16.

¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Fest (Festival de Cine ¡TÚ22!) underscore short films that highlight the Latino perspective on “Representation,” stories that include themes such as prosperity, collaboration and well-being in their plots.

Luis Alejandro Molina, ¡TÚ22! Film Festival Director, stated:

Films are a powerful medium for representing the diversity of the human experience. When we see someone on screen that looks like us, it can be a deeply affirming experience and remind us that our story matters.

About the Festival

Running through the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, the festival showcases the best of the work of emerging Latino filmmakers.

This year's 10 finalists will be announced on October 9 and the short films will be showcased through HITN and its HITN GO mobile app.

On October 16, the winners will be announced on the network's app, who will receive cash prizes of $4,000 (first place), $2,000 (second place), and $1,000 (third place).

“Latino/as make up only about 5 percent of main cast members in mainstream TV and film,” Molina said. “Giving these young creatives a platform for storytelling ensures that more diverse stories are told, and that the Latino/a perspective is shared with a wider audience. By sharing ¡TÚ22! Film Festival submissions across HITN’s nationwide networks, we’re amplifying their voices and increasing their potential for impact,” added Molina.


An independent jury will be in charge of evaluating the proposals and selecting the winners based on criteria such as:

  • Knowledge of the subject.
  • Creativity in the approach to the subject.
  • Technical aspects (such as directing, acting, photography, and editing).
  • Originality and inspiring narrative impact of the piece.

The Cine Youth Fest judging panel is comprised of distinguished Latino leaders in the arts from across the country, including award-winning actress, television host, and content creator Lizza Monét Morales; film and television actress Chelsea Rendón; and the writer and television creative Raymond Arturo Pérez.

Presented in collaboration with educational and community institutions from New York, Washington, Texas, Florida, California, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, the Festival supports HITN's initiative to increase the reach and visibility of independent Latino filmmakers, a group quite underrepresented in the media.

The festival also includes a series of virtual talks called "Cafecitos," giving young filmmakers an additional connection with Latino role models in the film industry and other creative fields.

“The Latino/a voice has been one of the most underrepresented voices in film, which is why we’re focused on giving emerging filmmakers the opportunity to share their stories and represent their communities, both in front of and behind the camera,” stressed Molina.

For more information on ¡TÚ22! Film Festival, click here.


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