" Rabbit, " by Venezuelan Carla Forte, is a disturbing film about the creative process and desires. 
"Lina From Lima", a delicious and unforgettable musical comedy starring a Peruvian domestic worker. 

Miami Film Festival: 'Mucho Amor' to Latina Directors

From "Lina de Lima" to "The Sleepwalkers," seven movies for a pink carpet.


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You don't have to count the names of the non-Oscar-nominated women filmmakers embroidered on Natalie Portman's dress to claim the lack of visibility of female 'storytellers' beyond the red carpet. But this year's Miami Film Festival, which runs from March 6 to 15, holds wonderful surprises in a feminine and Latino key. 

Guided by the spirit of our queer astrologer Walter Mercado, who will star in the closing documentary of this year's festival and which is also directed by two Latina filmmakers, Kareem Tabsch and Cristina Costantini, we recommend 7 unforgettable films that you cannot miss in sunny and cinematographic Miami. Action!

Director: Carla Forte (Venezuela)

A disturbing film in which Forte, who is also a dancer, explores the boundaries between an actress and the character she embodies, and how an abusive director can push the limits of a creative process to turn a rehearsal into almost a possession. 

Director: Ana García Blaya (Argentina)
With a soundtrack of Argentine indie music from the 90s and a mix of home footage by the same director –who made her Toronto debut with this film– " The Good Intentions" deals with the relationship of dependence and responsibility of a lazy, childish father and his older daughter. Will she be able to break the ties with her father and start a new life? 
Director: Maite Alberdi (Chile)
Half documentary and half spy movie, this strange film tells the story of Sergio, an old man who is captured by a detective as a mole to infiltrate a nursing home and investigate whether a woman is being abused. However, this 83-year-old man is no 007... A unique meditation on loneliness and old age.  
Director: María Paz González (Chile)
A delicious and unforgettable musical comedy starring Lina, a Peruvian domestic worker who works for a Chilean family and tries to return to her country for a vacation, but realizes that no one is waiting for her there. Not even her son...

What do you do when no one thinks of you?

Director: Leticia Jorge (Uruguay)
After the death of the father, the sale of the family house is a done deal, but the children do not end up agreeing to sell it and transform it into a complex of cheap bungalows. A black comedy, hilarious and entertaining about a dysfunctional family like few others.
Director: Paula Hernández (Argentina)
The fifth film by the director of "Herencia" and "Un Amor" takes us to a New Year's Eve in a country house, where three generations of the same family threaten to scratch their eyes out and the tensions make the atmosphere really exasperating. Is there anyone who dares to close their eyes?
Director: Paula Cury (Dominican Republic)
In the Dominican Republic, many teenage pregnancies occur while abortion remains illegal because of the lack of sex education. But even at the age of 14, young mothers want to give their children the best future. A documentary about women's rights, toxic masculinity, violence and a political system marked by religion. 

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