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Promotional image of the series. Graphic: Nuestra.TV.

Nuestra.TV launches new bilingual animated series

It is part of the celebration of National Bilingual/Multilingual Learning Month.


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The certified minority-owned company and pioneer in Hispanic mobile advertising and digital media, recently announced the premiere of its new original children's series 'MariVi: The Master Navigator,' an adaptation of Maria Twena's children's book series under the same name.

Gregory Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries and author of the NY Times bestsellers ‘Tattoos on the Heart’ and ‘Barking to the Choir,’ noted:

How refreshing and welcome the arrival of MariVi is. In fact, it will help many like her to navigate their way toward understanding, connection, and a fuller and more expansive sense of community. Bravo!

About the Show

In commemoration of National Bilingual/Multilingual Learning Month in the United States, Nuestra.TV has already broadcast the first episodes through its free streaming service that aims to entertain, inform, and empower Hispanic audiences through cultural diversity, generations, languages and devices.

‘MariVi: The Master Navigator’ chronicles the life of MariVi, a bilingual and bicultural US-born elementary school girl to Spanish-speaking immigrant parents, through her life in the U.S.

MariVi's stories address the diverse experiences of bicultural children, including the role of guide, and their need to find balance and a sense of belonging in a world with a different language and culture than their parents.

Since its inception, Nuestra.TV has been committed to supporting education. The ‘MariVi: The Master Navigator’ series authentically represents what it's like to grow up in a first generation immigrant household and fulfills our mission of representation. Ensuring that all family members see themselves as they really are is critical to the empowerment of all Hispanics. I am very excited about the launch of this series,” highlighted Alberto Pardo, president and CEO of Nuestra.TV.

The first episode, titled 'School Crossing,' accurately depicts MariVi's first-grade experience, a shock to many bicultural youth, ranging from having her name changed by her teacher to not understanding her homework.

About Twena

Created by María Twena, a second-generation Latina, the animated series has been an ambitious journey, from creation to premiere.

María Twena, creator of ‘MariVi: The Master Navigator’. Photo: Nuestra.TV.
María Twena, creator of ‘MariVi: The Master Navigator’. Photo: Nuestra.TV.

US-born Hispanics comprise 67% of the current market, and yet their authentic life experiences are not reflected in children's programming. With MariVi, the children of immigrants will find a character that genuinely reflects their childhood and honorably echoes their cultural and linguistic duality,” said Twena.

Along with the premiere on Nuestra.TV, Twena launches her second book of the series 'MariVi: the Master Navigator' entitled 'Weekend Ways', now available on Amazon. In this book, readers can watch MariVi as she ventures out on a typical weekend, from translating for her mother at the grocery store, to attending church with her entire family.

The series was produced by MariVi & Company LLC, and animated by Catapult Productions (BrandStar). The series soundtrack was produced by Grammy Award winner Dan Pinnella and performed by FRANKIE.

About Nuestra.TV

Nuestra.TV, an Adsmovil offering, is a free AVOD solution created specifically for the comprehensive Hispanic market, across cultures, languages, and generations.

The on-demand streaming service has unmatched breadth and depth, offering Hispanic customers more than 15,000 hours of entertainment, informative and empowering programming from the United States, Latin America and Spain, along with more than 40 FAST channels.


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